Future Capabilities Development Platform

Gearing the organizations and leaders for the new world

A PwC India product

In the wake of global disruption, majority of the CEOs around the world find their organisations and themselves unable to adapt to business changes; 64% of them believe that building capabilities to stay relevant will be their major contribution in the future according to a PwC report. PwC’s Future Capabilities Development Platform is a cloud-based platform poised to maximize the talent utilization by identifying best talent in a bias free manner and nurture them to the best of their capabilities, building a fit for future organization.


codeDeveloping ‘future ready’ talent pipeline
dashboardAn integrated platform or solution framework that addresses the need for leadership development and organization enablement for the future
priority_highPrioritization of the ‘capabilities for the future’ to the Indian context while remaining aligned to a global context

Our Solution

Individual Future Readiness Quotient

Based on PwC’s mega trends of the future - 2030, leaders are expected to demonstrate nine capabilities of the future to thrive in the ever-evolving world. This solution is a comprehensive assessment of a leader’s future readiness quotient on nine capabilities highlighting leaders’ natural preferences, their potential, perception and purpose. These encompass a holistic analysis of a leader’s observable behaviours and the personal attributes driving those behaviours.

Curated Talent Development Journey

PwC’s Future Capabilities Development Platform comprises of project management, assessment, development, and reflection modules, powered by real life experiences, curated content and real time analytics in a highly engaging environment. This enables powerful development journeys through engagement, connections, conversations and collaboration. The platform offers custom programmes for various development needs of your talent across levels including your senior executives, high potentials and first level leaders and managers.


Key Benefits


Business impact and integrated future readiness of Organizational Talent


Powerful inside-out perspective with multiple global frameworks / templates from PwC


Automated project management




Leadership journey as an experience

  • Personalised feeds
  • Seamless experiences
  • Automated nudges and reminders
  • Collaboration and connections
  • Self-owned and customisable learning
  • Learning activities suited to your pace and style
  • Provision to add varied learning resources
  • Progress dashboards

Indicative Commercial Model

Rates will be tailored as per local territory.

Implementation fee unless specified would be additional.

Any customization to the standard offering will be charged on a case by case basis.

The commercial will be based on the following:

  • Components or modules requested on Future Capabilities Development Platform for the project
  • Price based on the number of users or leaders to be developed on the project
  • Duration of the journey envisaged

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