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Contract Insights- PwC's Contract Management & Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) Software

One-stop solution to streamline your end-to-end Contract Management

A PwC India Contract Management Software

Picture a world where managing extensive contract volumes is effortless, thanks to a standardised contracting process. Here, revenue-cost leakages are non-existent, and powerful analytics provide essential insights.

The pitfalls of inconsistent contracting processes

Prone to errors

Lack of Trackability

Missed Negotiation Opportunities

Lack of Visibility

Dive deep into the world of contracts | Key features of our contract management software

Contract Insights is a sophisticated SaaS based platform designed to address end to end contract management  lifecycle needs. It delivers value by managing large contract volumes, non-standardized contracting processes, revenue/ cost leakages and generating analytics for key insights.


Build a searchable contract repository

Create a centralised repository of contracts and achieve contract taxonomy by clustering contracts into different categories


Contract generation and automated authoring workflow

Quickly create contracts with the help of legal approved templates/clauses and execute them faster with e-signature integration.


Obligation management

Track performance and ensure compliance against identified obligations and defined KPIs/SLAs with the responsible business owners.


Contract expiry and renewal

System generated triggers help  identify contracts near expiration and provide assistance with supplier evaluation and contract termination.


Dashboard and reporting

Regular status updates and visibility into key contract information through dashboards allowing the project team to drive value for effective decision making.

How our Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) software can help - Have a look at the platform

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Contract Insights

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Shorten the sales cycle and boost revenue

  • Full Salesforce integration enables instant generation of sell-side documents like proposals, MSAs, and other agreements
  • One-click contract creation and automated approval processes integrated with email, SMS messaging, and e-signature let salespeople keep closing deals while on the road

Negotiate better deals

  • Ensure every contract complies with corporate standards and includes consistent and appropriate language with a digital repository, clause library, and configurable business rules engine
  • A secure, permissions-based vendor portal facilitates negotiations

Track vendor performance

  • Track supplier performance against service level agreements and contract obligations
  • Get visibility into opportunities and risks with customised reports and automatic alerts for spend, expirations, compliance, and more.

Extensible Contract and Commercial Lifecycle Management (CCLM)

  • CCLM combines advanced contract management with prebuilt modules to manage adjacent areas like source-to-pay and order-to-cash
  • Platform provides support for entirely custom processes within individual companies and vendor/customer portals integrate workflows across the entire value chain
  • Regulatory compliance is ensured with fully auditable processes, coupled with the highest level of data security

Product Owners

Lokesh Gulati | Partner, Contracting & Compliance - PwC India

Ankur Jain | Partner, Contracting and Compliance - PwC India

Manpreet Singh Ahuja | Chief Digital Officer - PwC India

Aman Goel | Managing Director and Digital Products Leader - PwC India

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