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Compliance Insights - PwC's Compliance Management Software

A SaaS-based platform that automates regulatory compliance management and monitoring

A PwC India Compliance Management Software

Compliance Insights is a SaaS based compliance management software that automates regulatory compliance management and monitoring.

With its obligations coverage of around 60 countries, real-time dashboards, and reports, Compliance Insights has helped more than 200+ organisations and 4000+ users globally to transform the way compliances are managed. 

Challenges our compliance management software can solve

Geographical spread

Accountability of the Board

Dynamic legal environment

Reputational risk

Stay Compliance-Current in the Dynamic Legal Landscape | Key features of our compliance management solution

Manage statutory compliances, vendor compliances and internal controls of  by maintaining a repository of obligations, creating task-based workflow with user ownership matrix and presentation abilities using various dashboards and reports. 



Single repository of laws, compliances, statutory forms, compliance evidence, vendors, and internal controls


Risk Severity

Risk-based classification of compliances, controls to focus on compliance risks that matter


Accountability and Workflows

Clear assignment of roles and responsibilities along with approval workflows and escalation mechanisms


Compliance Certificates and Dashboards

Digital compliance certificates for Board reporting and customised dashboards


Clear and Crisp Reporting

Presence of a comprehensive audit trail with customised reporting and effective compliance management

How our compliance software can help

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Gartner Peer Insights Review

"Its a great tool with varied capabilities"

"It is a great tool with varied capabilities. Dashboard which has the capability providing a bird eye view - The design of tool is user friendly - Various reporting capabilities helps view and analyze data more effectively".

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"Excellent repository for compliances"

"Its a must have tool in a highly regulated market. Its exceptionally well designed and tailored to fit your needs"

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Implementing compliance programmes based on a risk-informed approach

As per PwC’s 26th Annual Global CEO Survey 2023, CEOs across the globe see changes in regulations as the secondbiggest threat to their profitability in the next ten years. Business leaders across industries are under increasing pressure to adhere to a complex and increasing set of rules and regulations.

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Product Owners

Lokesh Gulati | Partner, Contracting & Compliance - PwC India

Ankur Jain | Partner, Contracting and Compliance - PwC India`

Manpreet Singh Ahuja | Chief Digital Officer - PwC India

Aman Goel | Managing Director and Digital Products Leader - PwC India

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