Business Risk and Insights Platform

Converting data into insights for business risk and controls management

A PwC India Product

Business Risk and Insights Platform is a continuous control monitoring tool that enables automated and near real-time identification of red flags/ controls exceptions through analysis of business data. It provides a single-window view of the risk and controls landscape, integrates with multiple data systems to analyse data and identify red flags, and provides functionality to assign accountability for remediating risks and track progress.

Key Control Aspects

groupOperational inefficiencies
workBusiness policy compliances
attach_moneyFinancial leakages
paymentsPotential fraudulent transactions
descriptionInaccurate financial reporting

Key Features

bookmarkIndustry and business process specific library of 800+ risk and control analytics to chose from
dashboardEnd to end automation from data extraction - analysis execution – dashboarding and reporting
computerOverall risk score monitoring post each stage of outcome (analysis – validation – remediation)
flagIntegration of AI , Chat-bot, user feedback capturing and Workflow for deeper analysis and remediation tracking
cloudCustomizable and flexible models for implementation – On-prem & cloud (one time as well as managed service)

Key Benefits


Automated data analytics enabling the internal audit / controls team to focus on root causing and systemic fixes to deliver value to the business


Systemic improvement and controls through remediation tracking enablement


Greater comfort to the management through 100% transactional coverage


Detection and prevention of revenue and cost leakages


Quick implementation for standard ERP environment with ability to customise where needed


Effective compliance with regulatory requirement like SOX/ IFC through automated testing of controls

Glimpse into risks* which Business Risk and Insights Platform can monitor

* Illustrative risks showcased.
  • Fictitious customer & vendor records
  • Undisclosed related parties (customers v/s employees v/s vendor)
  • Incomplete / inaccurate master records
  • Conflicting access with same user
  • Price master – sales order – dispatch booking
  • PO creation – GRN - Invoice booking
  • Critical / sensitive access assigned to several / unauthorized users
  • Activation of ERP transaction posting check from exited employee ID
  • Activation of duplicate invoice posting check
  • Non reversal of discounts / schemes on returns from customers
  • Exited employee salary processing
  • Higher business share to higher price vendor
  • Abnormal / duplicate Journal Voucher posting
  • Incorrect revenue recognition
  • Abnormal variances in GL balances

Indicative Commercial Model

Rates will be tailored as per local territory.

Implementation fee unless specified would be additional.

Any customization to the standard offering will be charged on a case by case basis.

Costing depends upon the type of implementation model*, ETL (Extract Transform Load), AMC. Additional per analytics implementation cost.

Plug & Play/Standard
Basic Implementation starting from INR 7,50,000
Basic Implementation starting from INR 7,50,000 + Customization efforts
SaaS model
One time activation charge of INR 5,00,000 + monthly subscription charge

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