Anomaly Detection Platform

Tackling business & fraud risks by detecting anomalies & continuous transaction monitoring

A PwC India Product

Anomaly Detection, Reconciliation and Transaction Monitoring are complex business challenges that are both time consuming & prone to errors. In addition, as patterns keep changing and business rules or supervised models become obsolete quickly, innovative solution approaches employing ML models are key to solving this predicament.


Anomaly Detection Platform is an AI-driven digital platform, which helps clients in detecting and preventing anomalies, reconciliation and continuous transaction monitoring including uncovering unknown patterns and risks using unsupervised ML methods.


Deployable on cloud or on-premise, the platform is industry agnostic and is equipped with a customizable data ingestor, powerful ML engine, NLG (Natural-language Generation), UI based BRE (Business Rules Engine) & persona-specific dashboards / workflows; and can be easily configured for multiple use-cases.


dashboardsData barriers
  • Data integration challenges due to multiple, siloed sources with different data types and data quality issues, leading to increase in complexity
  • Manual checking not able to keep up with rising transaction volumes and makes only sample testing possible, leading to leakages of anomalies
scheduleManual control mechanism
  • Turnaround time (TAT) breaches/closure in delays due to manual tracking and lack of audit trails and holistic visibility
  • High full-time equivalent (FTE) involvement and costs due to manual processes with more time being spent on identifying anomalies and less on resolving them
notificationsObsolete techniques
  • Anomaly patterns keep changing, making static business rules/supervised models obsolete in a short span of time
  • Key anomalies not being tagged as validation done only on known risks/patterns with dated predefined rules
attach_moneyRising compliance cost
  • Lack of flexibility in existing monitoring systems to keep pace with the increasing regulatory focus on governance and controls
  • Increased compliance cost as audit observations lead to key stakeholder involvement for post-facto remediation

Key Features

Empower your teams with our one-stop, fully automated platform

saveData ingestor

Process any structured and unstructured data through seamless integration with multiple data source types using our built-in API connectors

view_moduleHeuristic rules engine with ML module

Tackle both known and unknown risks with our pre-built rules libraries and unsupervised ML models respectively, via a business-friendly user interface (UI) for rules configuration

personWorkflow manager

Seize full control of exception management with our customisable workflow manager with real-time user notifications, contextual nudges, audit logs and feedback loops

trending_upDashboard and insights

Deliver insights via our personalised and action-oriented dashboards aimed at all levels, including analysts and CxOs to drive always-on monitoring of exceptions

Use Cases

The platform can be used across all industries. In the below section, we have highlighted a few illustrative use-cases for select industries.



Banking and NBFC's

General insurance

Life insurance

How does the Anomaly Detection Platform help you?

Streamlined processes, proactive remediation and seamless compliance


Realise full data coverage

Analyse complete data for improved anomaly detection and transaction monitoring by eliminating reliance on sample data.


Uncover unknown patterns

Use unsupervised ML methods to discover elusive outliers in any dataset without pre-labelling its data beforehand.


Empower your organisation

Equip non-ML users to utilise ML via our platform's easy-to-use, explainable ML features for deriving smarter insights.


Drive holistic visibility

Power continuous monitoring with workflows, real-time alerts and dashboards for effective exception management.


Elevate operational efficiency

Improve lead times and decrease FTE hours by focusing on exception resolution rather than manual exception identification.


Demonstrate compliance seamlessly

Harness our platform’s powerful audit trails and custom reports to demonstrate compliance to internal and external stakeholders.

A platform with a difference

Deep domain know-how

  • PwC has deep domain knowledge and local regulatory and compliance expertise necessary for solving anomaly detection and transaction monitoring
  • Our solution is built on the insights from PwC professionals across AI/ML, risk, compliance and RegTech teams, and will help you remain informed of the ever-evolving risks

Explainable ML model

  • Our ML models have been designed with ‘explainability’ as a central pillar to empower even non-ML users to derive insights and use them meaningfully
  • This ability to signify the rationale of ML outputs to both internal and external stakeholders is key to driving successful ML adoption for business benefits

Platform accessibility

  • Our platform, with its open architecture, can be easily integrated with existing systems and applications, and tailored to cater to multiple business use cases at a low cost, making this a sustainable solution
  • Moreover, our flexible deployment option, either via cloud or on premise, makes for rapid deployment

Indicative Commercial Model

Rates will be tailored as per local territory.

License cost
One time

Intellectual property cost

Platform setup
One time

Platform deployment and enablement for use

Use-case implementation
Per use-case
  • Number of sources to be integrated
  • Number of business rules
  • Number of ML scenarios to be enabled
  • Number of reports and dashboards
Support Cost (AMC)

Maintenance Support (User query support and platform availability) based on the number of users

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