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Anomaly Detection Software Platform: Transaction Monitoring & Fraud Prevention

Drive auto-reconciliations and tackle business & fraud risks by detecting anomalies & continuous transaction monitoring

A PwC India Anomaly Detection Software

Reconciliation, Anomaly Detection and Transaction Monitoring are complex business challenges that are both time consuming & prone to errors.  

Deployable on cloud or on-premises, the Anomaly Detection Platform, is an AI-driven software that helps automate reconciliation by detecting and preventing anomalies through continuous transaction monitoring including uncovering unknown patterns and risks using unsupervised ML methods. 


Different data types | Multiple and siloed sources

Manual processes

Statutory and Regulatory compliance challenges

Overlooked complex data issues

Key Features Of Our Anomaly Detection Software

Anomaly Detection Platform offers a unique set of capabilities to handle all these challenges and help CFOs in taking control of the reconciliation process. 

It is an AI-driven digital platform which can drive auto reconciliations based on data ingestion and automatic rules engine.


Realise full data coverage

Analyse complete data for improved anomaly detection and transaction monitoring by eliminating reliance on sample data


Uncover unknown patterns

Use unsupervised ML methods to discover elusive outliers in any dataset without pre-labelling its data beforehand and uncover unknown-unknown risks to now known risk scenarios


Drive holistic visibility

Power continuous monitoring with workflows, real-time alerts and dashboards for effective exception management


Demonstrate compliance seamlessly

Harness our platform’s powerful audit trails and custom reports to demonstrate compliance to internal and external stakeholders

Monitoring Anomalies, Reconciliations, and Transactions at a Glance

Deep domain know-how

  • PwC has deep domain knowledge and local regulatory and compliance expertise necessary for solving anomaly detection and transaction monitoring
  • Our solution is built on the insights from PwC professionals across AI/ML, risk, compliance and RegTech teams, and will help you remain informed of the ever-evolving risks

Explainable ML model

  • Our ML models have been designed with ‘explainability’ as a central pillar to empower even non-ML users to derive insights and use them meaningfully
  • This ability to signify the rationale of ML outputs to both internal and external stakeholders is key to driving successful ML adoption for business benefits

Platform accessibility

  • Our platform, with its open architecture, can be easily integrated with existing systems and applications, and tailored to cater to multiple business use cases at a low cost, making this a sustainable solution
  • Moreover, our flexible deployment option, either via cloud or on premise, makes for rapid deployment

How does the Anomaly Detection Software help you?

Brochure Of Our Anomaly Detection Tool

Anomaly Detection Platform

Anomaly Detection Platform in a spotlight by IDC

PwC’s platform can be leveraged globally

PwC’s platform can be leveraged globally for a wide variety of use cases for financial reconciliation and other areas suited for anomaly detection

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