Finance Transformation

Intelligent Spend Management Suite - PwC's Accounts Payable automation software

Drive end-to-end digital transformation of your Accounts Payable process

Simplify AP process with AI-driven automation

A Generative AI-powered solution that enables a touchless accounts payable process, resulting in better efficiency and end-to-end invoice status transparency, resulting in on-time supplier payments with ease of managing compliances.

A solution for multiple Accounts Payable challenges

Delayed supplier payments and no visibility of invoice statuses

Complex compliances and time-consuming reconciliations

Considerable productive time spent on supplier queries by multiple teams

Email-based exception handling process with limited audit trail

Payables made efficient

Transform your accounts payable process to a truly touchless and compliant process backed by industry best supplier and invoice management practices.


Simplified clean user interface for better user experience

With easy-to-use screens and navigation, learning and using the solution is easy.


End-to-end invoice transparency

From master data to invoice submission to payment status, you can track each step of your invoice journey.


ERP software integration and configurability

Plug and play with your organization easily and adaptable according to your processes.


Easier compliances with connected data and integrations

 Third-party and PwC data connections make tax, MSME, and overseas compliances happen seamlessly.


Gen AI-powered Supplier Helpdesk

Context-based responses to supplier Q&A regarding the status of invoices and payment details.

Leverage IAPE for better outcomes

Upto 40%

productivity improvement


Invoices paid on time


tax compliant process

Automate your Accounts Payable process with an integrated solution

Self-service Supplier Portal

  • Self-service master data creation with approval workflow
  • Government API-led validations for critical records
  • Third-party risk management with appropriate questionnaire and approvals

Touchless & automated invoice submission

  • Self-service master data creation with approval workflow
  • Government API led validations for critical records
  • Third Party Risk Management with appropriate questionnaire and approvals

Adaptable invoice processing workflow

  • PO and Non-PO invoices management
  • Configurable workflows with multi-level approvals
  • Automated 2-way or 3-way matching and exception handling

Managing compliance is easy

  • GST and TDS APIs resulting in tax compliance at the transaction level
  • Validation engine for Input Tax Credit (ITC) eligible spends and GST hold
  • Overseas and MSME related compliance

Strategic supplier excellence

  • Self-service supplier portal
  • Complete invoice lifecycle visibility
  • Balance confirmation and vendor reconciliation


How to transform your accounts payable process through automation and intelligence

Don’t let manual, error-prone processes hinder your organization’s cash flow and reputation. It's time to embrace touchless invoicing and strategic automation for a seamless journey. Learn more about transforming the AP process in the article. 

Leveraging a supplier portal for faster invoice processing and better vendor relationship

With new technology platforms such as the Intelligent Spend Management Suite, suppliers have essentially become the ‘core’ of the entire AP process. Learn more about leveraging a supplier portal in the article. 

Digitising accounts payable (AP): A key step towards financial excellence

Managing vendor invoices in the Intelligent Spend Management Suite function is often seen as a routine, administrative activity that is tertiary to a finance team’s core function.

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