Navigate Transfer Pricing Suite

Automate and streamline transfer pricing calculations and documentations

Transfer pricing is a complex area for any business. Changes are fast-paced and regulations are constantly shifting around the world including the advent of BEPS. Tax authorities worldwide are focusing on transfer pricing in their audits; hence, companies must be prepared ahead of time to defend their pricing policies. Technology is the need of the hour to effectively navigate the transfer pricing compliance requirement and to be Audit ready.

Say hello to PwC India’s Navigate Transfer Pricing Suite. Ensure compliance by automating complex transfer pricing calculations and documentation, tracking and analysing transactions, generating real-time dashboards and generating insightful reports. We along with our dynamic tools work with you to overcome the complexity, reduce time and resources, help with business goals and making informed decisions and also at the same time, help in being ready for the Transfer Pricing Audits.

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Learn more about our Navigate Transfer Pricing Suite modules:

Transfer Pricing Monitoring including the Segmental tool
  • Real-time monitoring of the margins of the company in comparison to the arm’s length requirement
  • Effective real-time segmentation from trial balance​
  • Interactive real-time dashboards to understand the segmentation and allocation basis
  • Comparables cost level drill down options with ready-to-use dashboarding for each segment​
  • Efficiency management with a one button switch to competitor data​
  • Providing actionable insights to relevant stakeholders, seamlessly
  • Proactive true-up and true-down computation​
  • ERP integrated true-up and true-down invoicing
Transfer Pricing Insights

Dashboard based analytical module to help with various analysis. We also have capacities to deliver customized dashboards to cater to various management requirements.

  • Power Insights dashboard - A ready to use dashboard to evaluate various ​comparables data.
  • CbCR Risk Assessment dashboard - A ready to use dashboard to evaluate various risk factors from the CbCR data.
RPT Solution

A tool enabling related party reporting under various regulatory requirements including Income-tax, SEBI LODR, Companies Act, Statutory Financials, etc.

Need benefit documentation​
  • Helps companies collate email evidences to substantiate the need and benefit of intercompany services
  • Automates extracting e-mails based on initial parameters including, key words, senders name, recipients, date range etc
  • Automatically eliminates duplicate emails
  • Categorises the emails into various predefined standard sets​
  • N-B tool comes with OCR (Optical Character Recognition) which can run the key-word search even on scanned attachments
  • Provides a summary output in the form of an excel sheet
Customised dashboarding
  • Operational efficiency analysis - A technology-led approach to provide insights on operational efficiency of the company including product-wise profitability, performance comparison against comparables, etc
  • Comparables sensitivity analysis - A technology-led benchmarking approach ensuring that the benchmarking exercise is robust and transparent and also providing sensitivity analysis using interactive dashboard

Key challenges that the solutions address

trending_upManual segmental analysis preparation - time intensive and prone to errors​
pie_chartMonitoring margins of various segments and year end true-up and true down adjustments
saveCollection of comparable companies' data from different sources, manual calculation of various ratios and gap analysis​
receiptVaried reporting requirements for related party' transactions (RPT) under different laws like SEBI LODR​
descriptionManually documenting need benefit test documentation for intra-group services charges, functional profile and demonstrating substance​

Benefits of PwC India’s Navigate Transfer Pricing Suite for your organisation


Automated segmental analysis based on trial balance


Interactive and user-friendly dashboard with all comparable companies’ data and gap analysis​


Automated preparation of related party transactions information required under various laws like SEBI LODR, transfer pricing, Companies Act, etc ​ at one place


Automated documentation of need benefit of inter-company-charges , entity characterization, and substance measurement

Key Features

editSeamless integration of data with ERP​
dashboardRobust customizable dashboarding modules for management insights​
credit_cardOne stop shop for all transfer pricing compliances​
cloudCloud based platform that can be accessed from anywhere​
folderRepository of all the data to refer past period data​

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