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Navigate Insights Solution

In today’s data-driven world, it is becoming increasingly important for organisations to find an effective way to collect, filter and analyse large amounts of data, generate valuable insights that can help inform decision making, drive innovation and improve business operations. 

Say hello to PwC India’s Navigate Insights. Navigate Insights is a single consolidated platform to show all the comprehensive dashboards and reports with key trends and patterns in business operations.

Key challenges that the solution addresses

Large volume and variety of complex data that is difficult to Identify, analyse and interpret

Maintaining the accuracy and completeness of the data collected from different sources, to avoid inaccurate insights

Handling and showcasing large volumes of data into understandable models and graphs

Integrating the insights into the business processes to improve performance

Stay ahead of the competition with PwC’s Navigate Insights Solution

Get greater visibility to your organization’s data across identified KPIs which are relevant/ important to you.


Customise dashboards as per your needs

Customisable dashboards allows to quickly create intractability to meet the exact needs of the organization​


Track information in real-time

Auto-updation of data on a real-time basis which allow the organisation to do the analysis quickly


Manage large amounts of data

A renewed capability to handle large amount of data to create the dashboards​


Receive data from multiple data sources

Allows to connect multiple data sources for the creation of dashboard


Drill into details

Allows the users to drill down to the transaction level details


Access from anywhere

User-friendly mobile app to access the dashboards​

Receive actionable insights for more informed decision making


Comprehensive dashboards providing insights for tax compliances, vendor management and tax credits


Key insights for monitoring tax compliances and control


Reports for analysing outward supply for various key partners


Reports for analysing inward supply for various key partners

Supply chain

Reports for providing insights basis tax data for supply chain management

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Navigate Insights Solution

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