ESG Pulse

Measure, report and gain deeper insights to improve on ESG disclosures

A PwC India Product

ESG Pulse provides rapid insights into improvement areas for the reporting process to narrate your environmental, social, and governance (ESG) story to capital markets with confidence.

The product can help you:

  • Assess maturity
  • Reduce potential risks
  • Recalibrate your efforts using deeper insights
  • Benchmark against your peers.

It is equipped to share results and focus areas with market investors, consumers, employees, and other stakeholders.

Challenges in identifying relevant factors for ESG Reporting

Manual gathering and
consolidation of ESG data

Months spent on data gathering through interviews

Manual summary reporting and insights presentation

No consistent data reporting or benchmarking to compare
results with other organisations

Gain actionable insights to elevate your ESG reporting

See your results in near real-time
without needing to update any reports manually. This provides you one source and transparency for each ESG metric.


A single source of information to track your progress

Use a streamlined visual tech-enabled service to help reduce the complexity and potential errors associated with gathering information across geographies, divisions, and groups around your ESG disclosures


Gain visibility underneath your metrics and act on them

Get visibility into how your ESG disclosure process measures against your industry peers while you visualise your progress over time. Identify opportunities for improvement and engage stakeholders


Use tech-enabled services to get sharable insights

Demonstrate where you stand with reliable and robust information.Display confidence in sharing your ESG performance with stakeholders, customers and potential investors


Manage greenhouse gas emissions

Identifying strategies to reduce emissions which can help mitigate potential financial impact of increased fuel costs from regulations that limit or put a price on GHG emissions


Maintain employee health and safety

Develop a strong workplace safety culture and reduce employee exposure so you can help meet your customers and employees safety expectations and reduce potential reputational risks


Maintain employee diversity and inclusion

Develop a solid plan to expand your candidate pool, build reputation and retention, and help drive the engagement of stakeholders with your brand

Why do you need ESG Pulse?

  • Demonstrate commitment and results
    With ESG Pulse, be confident in the claims you are making to investors and stakeholders about your environmental, social and governance efforts.
  • Show progress and accountability
    Understand where you stand on your processes, align your reporting with investors expectations and measure results so you can show, not just tell, the world your story.
  • Data-driven insights help deliver stronger outcomes
    Strengthen your foundation so you can confidently request capital from institutional investors, enhance your brand value and reputation, and help attract and retain employees.

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ESG Pulse

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Manpreet Singh Ahuja | Chief Digital Officer - PwC India

Aman Goel | Managing Director and Digital Products Leader - PwC India

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