Sustainability Assessment Platform

Way forward to reimagine the ESG reporting with greater visibility

A PwC India product

Sustainability assessment platform is a one stop solution for sustainability evaluation & maturity assessment for organizations who want to measure and report the performance based on Environment ,Social and Governance (ESG) aspects. Our intelligence scoring system is effective in assessing and benchmarking ESG maturity on aspects and themes through a customisable question management system and specific KPI section for ESG metrics.

We offer a complete suite of services covering formulation of initial ESG strategy for nascent companies to streamline and establish good governance practices within the organizations based on maturity level.


saveLack of clarity & standardized method for data collection & measurement of ESG data
folderLimited information/clarity on the different themes to focus and improve
workUnaware about the relative strengths and weakness with respect to other players in the industry
infoUnaware about the areas of improvement and best practices
visibilityLimited understanding on the ESG maturity state

Key Features

menuUser-friendly interface for a collection of qualitative and quantitative ESG data in a centralized platform through customisable question management system (QMS)
business_centerIntelligent scoring machine for evaluation of the companies across various themes and aspects of ESG
pie_chartConversion of raw data into key performance indicators (KPIs) to provide visibility underneath the metrics to act on them
insert_chartInteractive dashboards to visualize trends tailored for your business and benchmarking against the industry best score & practices
visibilityComparison feature enabling detailed view of responses submitted across different companies
descriptionReusable questionnaire templates which can be created and saved for future evaluations

Illustrative dashboards


Key Benefits


Assess ESG maturity within your organization

Use the ESG assessment framework to get detailed insight on your ESG maturity. It comprises questions around policies, processes, implementation, and commitments to assess your organization ESG readiness.


Measure key performance indicators

Record key performance indicators and track performance, monitor progress, and define specific performance improvement targets for short, medium, and long term.


Gain visibility on your ESG profile

Use effective visualizations to identify risks, areas of improvement, and unlock opportunities to create long term quantifiable impact across Environment, Social, and Governance themes.


Communicate effectively with your stakeholders

Download and share curated assessment report with your leaders, investors, and stakeholders to showcase its maturity in Environmental, Social, and Governance aspects over a period. 

Indicative Commercial Model

Rates will be tailored as per local territory

Rates will differ based on opting the SaaS offering vs On-prem deployment

Any customization to the standard offering will be charged on a case by case basis

One time Onboarding Costs
Cost Heads for SAAS
  • Resource costs for client onboarding activities -ID creation (depending upon the number of portfolio companies onboarded and surveys created)
  • Setting up QMS & Assessment framework for all the clients
  • Custom changes in the tool as per client’s requirements
Monthly Support Costs
Cost Heads for SAAS
  • Platform Maintenance & Security Updates
  • Planned Versions deployment
  • Change Requests
Cost Heads for On-premise

Similar to SAAS. Some cost heads can differ depending upon the client’s requirements and infrastructure needs.

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