Sustainability Assessment Platform

Way forward to reimagine the ESG reporting with greater visibility.

A PwC India Sustainability Assessment Tool

Sustainability assessment platform is a one-stop solution for sustainability evaluation & maturity assessment for organisations who want to measure and report the performance based on Environment ,Social and Governance (ESG) aspects. 

Our intelligence scoring system is effective in assessing and benchmarking ESG maturity on aspects and themes through a customisable question management system and specific KPI section for ESG metrics.

Common issues in assessing sustainability

Non-standardised data collection

Unavailable benchmarking metrics

Insufficient judgement parameters

Lack of comparison with SASB and TCFD metrics

Ensure sustainability all around

Drive ESG excellence with the PwC India’s Sustainability Assessment Platform

Sustainability Assessment Platform uses surveys and questionnaires to
develop an understanding of the ESG practices of the business to compare the maturity level with the organisation’s peers to identify scope of improvement. By creating a detailed ESG roadmap it tracks progress along the way to ensure alignment along with developing KPI-based targets to ensure quantifiable impacts.


Streamlined data management

The platform offers an intuitive interface, allowing you to effortlessly manage
qualitative and quantitative ESG data through customised questions and
centralised data repository for easy access and analysis.


Data driven evaluation

The system employs an intelligent scoring mechanism to evaluate companies across diverse ESG themes and aspects to gain actionable insights into ESG
performance effortlessly.


Transforming data into insights

Convert raw data into essential Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to provide a clear view beneath the surface metrics empowering you to take informed actions.


Visualise your progress

Visualise ESG trends with interactive dashboards tailored to your business needs while benchmarking your performance against industry best practices.


Comprehensive portfolio overview

Access an all-in-one view of your portfolio companies and sector-specific metrics to streamline your ESG management with comprehensive insights.

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Sustainability Assessment Platform

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