ESG Reporting Tool- PwC's ESG Reporting Software

Streamline and automate the reporting of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) information and BRSR data to elevate sustainability performance

A PwC ESG Reporting Software

PwC’s ESG Reporting Tool is a cloud-based platform built to collect ESG data from a wide range of sources. This centralised platform allows you to gather quantitative and qualitative inputs in one place with multi-user access and help you understand your ESG data better with user-friendly dashboards. 


Unoptimised Resources

Lack of clarity on data requirements

Absence of an integrated data collection system

Inability to benchmark progress with other organisations

Align your BRSR Data with overall corporate strategy using PwC's ESG reporting software

The ESG Reporting Tool is designed to make this easier, and faster and raise the quality of reporting.


Centrally maintained, simplified, transparent and reliable data collection shareable across multiple users.


Simultaneous multi-user editing access and aggregated group-level and segment breakdown for specific data across location, industry and business size


Visualise data trends in an interactive ESG dashboard and track key performance indicators (KPIs) tailored to the business


Data collected enables quick horizontal and vertical analysis of insights under different frameworks


Readily available and analysed real-time ESG data for communications with stakeholders

Illustrative Dashboard Of Our ESG Reporting Tool

Data collection and Management

  1. Provides a robust procedure to define, collect & process data
  2. User-friendly interface for a collection of qualitative and quantitative ESG data in one centralised platform
  3. Technology-enabled real-time monitoring of project workflow

Data process and analysis

  1. Generate disclosure metrics using the latest conversion factors, multiple methods & units of measure
  2. Conversion of raw data into key performance indicators (KPIs) for disclosure using the latest conversion factors

Data Insight and Disclosure

  1. Dynamic dashboard visualisation
  2. Customised ESG reports can also be generated
  3. Data trends can be visualised in an interactive dashboard with KPIs tailored to your business
  4. Facilitate benchmarking ESG performance against the industry average

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ESG Reporting Tool

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