Sustainability Analytics Hub

A Solution for de-carbonization of the built environment

A PwC India Product

Sustainability Analytics Hub is an integrated platform for sustainability evaluation of all kinds of real estate and infrastructure projects such as retail, commercial, hospitality, airports, healthcare, warehouses, SEZ’s, Data centers etc. It works on the concept of creation of digital twin for new as well as existing facilities which can help in real-time benchmarking of sustainability performance on:
1. Resource efficiency
2. Livability
3. Design Performance
4. Economics

Challenges faced in new and existing facilities

trending_upIncreasing energy use and utility bills
businessPoor indoor environmental quality
errorUnsustainable operations and resource inefficiency
peoplePoor health and well-being of occupants

PwC's Approach

Sustainability Analytics Hub can help clients improves design and retrofit decision making through data-driven algorithms. The customizable platform uses algorithms that enable advanced performance modeling with a high degree of granularity, optimizing for the best kind of solutions at building level, community as well as city level developments such as efficient building systems, high performance facade, low impact materials, smart technologies, renewable energy etc.

Let us Help in your Net Zero Journey



Detailed assessment of upcoming and existing  facilities for reduction in capital expenditure, current or estimated electricity/fuel consumption and associated emissions, existing efficiency levels, past and ongoing initiatives towards reducing emissions, type of facilities by operational and financial control, data reporting mechanisms, etc. 



Energy Efficiency Improvements

Identification of action points to eliminate electricity wastage in upcoming and existing facilities, using in-house Sustainability Analytics Hub. The technical recommendations will be assessed from an operational, regulatory, and strategic point of view; before undertaking investments to maximize savings in capital expenditure.


Renewable Energy (RE) purchase & Onsite RE Feasibility

As the electricity wastage is taken care of, a feasibility of Renewable Energy purchase and/or captive renewable energy generation is performed. This will take into account own generation capacity, state-wise regulation, lower thresholds on individual PPA contracts, etc.


Offset via Certificates

The amount of emissions which cannot be offset by steps outlined in points 2 and 3 is offset via certificates. These include locations where on-site generation and/or PPAs cannot be undertaken.

Key Modules

editDesign Performance

The Design performance module covers:

  • Site-specific analysis and studies
  • Studies related to site surroundings
  • Concept-level building design assessment
track_changesResource Efficiency

The Resource efficiency module covers:

  • Energy baselining and benchmarking
  • Low carbon HVAC solutions
  • Integration of renewable energy on-site
  • Demand-side management
  • Water use reduction



The Livability module covers:

  • Thermal comfort and Daylighting
  • Indoor air quality
  • Views to outdoors
  • Interior lighting
  • Climate resilience


The Economics module includes:
  • Comparing the economics of various green strategies to select the most cost-effective option

One stop solution for all

securityEnvironment & Sustainability
Sustainability Action plan/ ESG strategy
  • Resource optimization – Energy, water & waste
  • Net zero mandate - Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions reduction
  • ESG strategy
dashboardProperty and Design
SAH provides design assistance on-
  • Form, massing and orientation
  • On high performance building envelope
  • Occupant thermal and visual comfort
  • On site RE
  • Green building certification
  • Setting ambitions for sustainable investments
  • National and international benchmarking of sustainability performance
  • Assess impacts to build trust in the society (Helps in increasing the visibility and asset rental value)
dvrFacility Management and Operations
  • Super efficient and low carbon comfort systems
  • Smart building technologies
  • Improvements
  • Indoor air quality, Building Management System

Key Benefits


Lower capital expenditure through environmentally sustainable design


Reduce operational expenditure through energy and water efficiency


Envisage Net Zero Energy pathway, ESG strategy and earn carbon credits


Increase visibility, earn higher asset value and rentals


Integrate smart building technologies and increase smart readiness of their facilities

Indicative Commercial Model

Rates will be tailored as per local territory.
Implementation fee unless specified would be additional.
Any customization to the standard offering will be charged on a case by case basis.
Sustainability Analytics – Basic Analysis​
  • Climate Analysis​
  • Building form and massing​
  • Building orientation​
  • Energy and Emission analysis​
  • Baselining and Benchmarking​
  • Benchmarking​
  • Loads analysis​
  • HVAC sizing/load analysis​
  • Thermal comfort analysis​
  • Daylight analysis​
  • Techno-economic analysis​
  • Net Zero readiness assessment​
Sustainability Analytics – Advanced Analysis​
  • Urban Energy Forecasting​
  • Microclimate analysis​
  • Dynamic Façade Analysis​
  • Urban heat island analysis​
  • Climate augmentation​
  • Embodied energy calculation​
  • Energy storage​
  • Future climate analysis (Climate resilience)​
  • Workspace enhancement​
  • Pedestrian comfort
  • Indoor air quality​
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