Local Economic Analysis Platform

A tool to provide geographically disaggregated economic intelligence on India – at the village and city level

A PwC India Product

Amidst economic uncertainty, data has become an imperative to plan for business growth. You need data – often at a granular level to answer questions like:

  • Are you optimizing your sales effort by concentrating in rural areas with high buying power?
  • Is your marketing strategy missing out on viable markets through disproportionate focus on metropolitan cities?
  • Can you increase your ROI by investing elsewhere?
  • Is your sales team stymied by unaffordability of your product?
  • Are there emerging Tier 3 cities that may serve as cost-effective base locations?


searchScarce data at the sub-national level

While we have reasonably good statistical estimates at the national level, as we go down the ladder, data becomes scarce

attach_moneyLimited estimates of economic size at the local level

Any estimate of economic size at the sub-state level – for example District GDP, is available only at a lag. Moreover, no estimate of economic size at the village/ town or city level.

Our Solution

The core offering of the Local Economic Analysis platform is the Local Area Economic Product. This estimates the size of the economy at the village and town level using proprietary models and latest economic and geospatial datasets.

The platform also offers several other socio-economic data sets at a district or lower disaggregation. This helps you contextualise and analyse the economic size data better, tailored to your business interests.

Platform coverage:

5.4 lac villages and 7000+ cities and towns across 20 major states


Use Cases


An FMCG MNC wants to increase its sales in rural India. The MNC wants to decide how to deploy its agents out conduct outreach with rural merchants across the country for this. It wants to do this by areas with the largest market size – by population and buying power.


The sales uptake of a new range of grooming products targeted at Tier 3 and Tier 4 cities is mixed. In some cities, the sales team is reporting unaffordability as a reason for low uptake. The company wants to check the uptake is low only in cities with low income?


A service sector company wants to relocate some of its operations to smaller cities to optimize on cost. It wants to select between Tier 2 cities in Uttar Pradesh. For this, It needs to assess cities by the relative size of their educated workforce and overall economic size.

With LAEP:

  • The FMCG company will be able to target its outreach to merchants in relatively prosperous villages
  • The wellness/grooming company will be able to validate that affordability is the only limit to sale
  • The service company will be able to identify emerging hubs of workforce to expand its offices

Local Economic Analysis Platform

You can directly search the platform for individual cities or villages to find out their economic size


You can also shortlist districts of interest using one or more relevant variable for your business. Darker colours reflect higher value of the chosen variable


Once a district has been identified, you can check the economic size of villages and cities contained within that district. You can also identify clusters of economic fortune


Overview of the platform

Local Economic Analysis Platform: the ALERT advantage


Analytics and decision-making support

Easy visualisation through graphs, charts and built-in indices enabling identification of growth hotspots and emerging consumption hubs to make sharper business decisions.


Local data, aggregated and uniquely estimated

Local Area Economic Product, measuring economic size of cities and villages along with several district, city and village level indicators.


Expert view on the Indian economy

Insights on latest economic developments, policies from PwC economists, as part of value-added services.


Regular updates

Periodic updates on Local Area Economic Product and other indicators, keeping in view ongoing public data releases.


Track macroeconomic developments

Latest country-level economic developments using data, analysis and visualisations.

Indicative Commercial Model

Rates will be tailored as per local territory

Annual license fee per user
INR 5.2 lakh + GSTOne license is equivalent to one activated link to the platform per user ID
  • Access for one year to the LEAP platform and 800+ ancillary indicators at the national, district, city, town and village level (where available)
  • Access for one year to PwC’s proprietary estimates of Local Area Economic Product (LAEP), LAEP Per Capita, workforce by sector (where available)
  • Training session with PwC consultants on the usage of the online tool
  • A guidance document with definitions of each of the indicators on LEAP
  • Data updates during the period of subscription
  • An inaugural discount of 25% is available on this subscription fee

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