Connected Risk Engine

Dynamically assess and benchmark the maturity of your cyber security controls and quantify your cyber risk exposure

A PwC UK Product

Connected Risk Engine is a cloud-based platform built to re-imagine how we deliver services to clients. Multiple frameworks are hosted within Connected Risk Engine where teams can work collaboratively to carry out their assessment, analyze and visualize results, benchmark against the industry, and provide dynamic reporting for clients. 
Using the platform, you can:
  • Work collaboratively with clients and carry out a risk assessment
  • Help your clients understand their cyber risk by uploading a maturity framework and executing a maturity assessment
  • Analyze, visualize, benchmark, and present these results to the client
  • Provide dynamic risk reporting for clients to access in their own time and via their own device

Digitise Risk Assessment

Connected Risk Engine is digitizing our current risk assessment services, thereby allowing us to:
  • deliver services faster with increased profitability
  • apply more advanced techniques
  • automate visualizations and analysis
  • work collaboratively with clients to build long-term relationships

Key Features

show_chartIntuitive scoring

Rapidly score, provide guidance to achieve accuracy, and record recommendations

bookmarksPeer benchmarking

Compare scores against peers according to location, industry or size

cancelRisk analysis

Calculate cyber threat resilience and risk exposure to help prioritize recommendations

dashboardComplex organisations

Configure the assessment to support complex organizational structures

cloud_doneData sovereignty

Specify where the data hosted in PwC’s Google Cloud Platform is geographically stored

webInteractive visualisations

Show progress and findings with live dashboards and charts

assessmentMultiple frameworks

Perform assessments in other disciplines (e.g. privacy, fraud, operational resilience)

Key Benefits

  • Improved insights through benchmarking analysis
  • Ability to benchmark different organizations against their peers and filter through different industries
  • Helps our teams/clients to visually communicate the industry standard
view_listVisualisations and dashboards
  • Increases consistency and quality
  • Provides a personalized dashboard for users to see the status of their campaigns (engagements)
  • Interactive dashboards and visuals make it easy to filter and pivot on key points of interest and see the full picture
group_workCollaborative approach
  • Teams are able to collaborate within the platform and there is only one source of truth
  • Provides one standard view to track every part of the maturity assessment and facilitate the review process, no matter how complex or big your engagement is

Core functionality

  • Scoring and reviewing: The flexibility to score and review different parts of the assessment data. Send review requests to senior members of the team and get real-time feedback.
  • Centralized system: One standard view to track every part of the assessment, no matter how complex or big your engagement is.
  • Trend analysis: The client data in the platform can be used to make historical analysis and see how a company is progressing over time in terms of how mature they are.
  • Executive reporting: Export reports into PowerPoint or google slides.
  • Visualization & dashboards: The interactive dashboards and visuals make it easy to filter and pivot on key points of interest and analyze the full picture.

Indicative Commercial Model

Rates will be tailored as per local territory.
Implementation fee unless specified would be additional.
Any customization to the standard offering will be charged on a case by case basis.
Annual License Fee: Basis the number of frameworks used (1, 3, 5)
  • 1 framework: 15K pounds
  • 3 frameworks: 27K pounds
  • 5 frameworks: 36K pounds

**This fee would be inclusive of hosting and maintenance cost.

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