Cyber Security Simulation Platform

Build cyber resilience with hyper-realistic simulations

A PwC India Product

With the ever increasing dependency on technology, businesses are exposed to an increased risk of cyber breaches and sophisticated attacks. Majority of the organisations not only find it challenging to prevent a cyber attack but also face a dearth of capabilities to respond to the security incidents.
Security standards prescribe building security right through the design to ensure security risks are assessed from the start, and continuously managed throughout the lifecycle.
PwC’s Cyber security simulation platform provides a hyper realistic environment where you can enhance your security design, assess and augment both your internal as well as third-party work force security competency, and strengthen your capabilities to protect, detect and respond to security attacks. The Cybersecurity simulation platform offers a controlled environment that mimics real-world networks, security technologies and cyberattacks

Key focus areas for organisations

lockSecure design
descriptionSecure operations
groupSkilled in house and third party security teams
phoneIncident response

Enhance your organisation's security resilience with hyper realistic simulations


Simulate your network

Simulate your network designs, solutions and configurations to identify potential loopholes and weaknesses.


Play complex attacks

Implement configurations on actual security technologies and play the complex attacks to visualise the impact in real time.


Build secure configurations

Play real-life attacks, including ransomware and malware, in a controlled environment to analyse the impact on network/systems.


Role-play incident response

Perform role-play with different stakeholders across the organisation to evaluate your incident response playbooks.

Be future ready with PwC’s Cybersecurity Simulation Platform

securityEnhance your Security by design

Evaluate your design blueprints, perform risk baselining, threat modeling against complex attacks

buildBuild the right security skill set

Acquire skills to implement security design, perform configuration of security solutions and use real-world tools and malware to role-play attacks

searchBe better prepared for an incident response

Experience real life cyber breaches and review the effectiveness of your response and communications playbook

Indicative Commercial Model

Rates will be tailored as per local territory.
Implementation fee unless specified would be additional.
Any customization to the standard offering will be charged on a case by case basis.
Single Session
₹ 5 lac - ₹ 7 lacA One-time Training session for a Cyber Attack scenario etc.
  • 1 Scenario
  • 1 Day
  • Objective(s) of the session: Scenario Training
  • Audience: 10-15 People
  • 2-3 Trainers
Multiple Sessions
Upon requestPeriodic sessions to be conducted within a specified duration (e.g.: ‘x’ sessions per Quarter; ‘y’ sessions per FY etc.)

Pricing is subject to several factors such as:

  • Scenario being Simulated
  • Duration of the session(s)
  • Objective(s) of the session
  • Audience headcount
  • Other requirements (Trainee resources etc.)

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