Application Inventory Management

One-stop IT Asset Management Tool with SAM/HAM capabilities and cyber risk profiling

A PwC India product

Procurement of software and hardware assets forms a major chunk of the IT budget for majority of the organizations, but only a select few are able to capitalize on their investments by means of regular monitoring and management of assets. They generally outsource it to specialized consultants.

We at PwC India have extensive experience of delivering such services over the years and we are proposing to deploy our in-house developed tool to compliment our services. This is a unique proposition within PwC as many of our member firms also rely on PwC India for related expertise.

We have plans to take it to our domestic clients and also to our member firms to utilize this tool in their respective markets.


codeManual tracking of IT assets across different locations using spreadsheets, resulting in poor visibility and control
computerUnbudgeted outflow of revenue during external software audits
attach_moneyOver-spending on software and incremental cost of renewals

Tool Deployment Models

The tool is deployed as a part of services provided by Risk Consulting India team.


On-Prem Model

Tool can be hosted in the client's environment and data resides in the same environment.


SAAS Model

Tool is hosted in PwC's environment specific for the client and data is collected over the internet from client's environment using agent gateways.


  • View entitlement dashboards
  • Add/Edit/Modify/View contract type
  • Delete contract type
  • Allocate license entitlements
  • Bulk upload entitlement records
  • Add/Edit/Modify/View product entitlement
  • Add/Edit/Modify/View product maintenance
  • Delete product maintenance
  • Dashboards for Contracts and maintenance that provides details for contract expiry, pricing details and expenditures
  • Set/Edit Agent scan and Agent handshake frequency
  • Upload/ Download IT asset baseline
  • Initiate ad-hoc scan on selected hostnames
  • Edit/Delete and Save software tags within IT asset baseline
  • Normalize unidentified software deployment signature
  • Edit/Update/Delete software tags
  • Filter deployment data
  • Dashboards for data collected from all assets from the client's environment that provide details of all installed/uninstalled products, users, services, processes and usage
  • Insights for Blacklisted, EOL and EOS products in the environment
  • View and publish compliance report for selected vendor
  • Process license types and actions based on configuration as described in Configuring license types
  • View compliance report for selected vendor
  • Performs the processing for the software license management feature to connect software configuration items (CIs) with license metrics and to calculate compliance
  • Dashboards for Compliance report post automatic analysis on ELP by the tool that provides information on Cost Optimizations, spendings, Entitlement Vs Deployments, Over Usage and Under Usage of products
IT Asset Baseline
  • Dashboards for IT Assets that provides in depth details of machines(Hardware/Softwares/Processes/Services/Users etc.)
  • View all machines in the client's environment
  • Hardware information of all assets
  • Add custom tags to the assets for detailed information
  • View Raw data collected from different connectors like SCCM, Vcenters, Virus Total, NVD, Oracle Database, O365 etc
  • Add/Update connector configurations
Cyber Risk Profiling
  • Dashboards for cyber security risk reporting that helps in identification of vulnerable and blacklisted products
  • Machine wise reports for much deeper details

Key Features

descriptionOne-stop repository of all license purchases & contracts
codeAsset discovery (hardware/software) across the IT estate
assignmentLicense re-harvesting through software metering reports
attach_moneyCost saving opportunities by optimizing license procurement processes
warningCompliance positioning highlighting risk exposure
computerRisk remediation related to software compliance

Key Benefits

verified_userReal time tracking of data using Agents and Connectors(SCCM, Vcenters, Virus Total, NVD, Oracle Database, O365 etc.)
groupCyber security risk reporting that helps in identification of vulnerable and blacklisted products
scheduleAutomatic compliance analysis for various vendors that provides cost optimization, license reharvesting, risk remediation and cost saving opportunities
dnsPowerBI Dashboards for enhanced user experience and drill down to minor details
saveInventory of Contracts and Maintenance for various vendors can be maintained
mailEmail notifications for EOL, EOS products, inactive machines, compliance reports and vulnerable products

Illustrative Dashboard


Indicative Commercial Model

Rates will be tailored as per local territory.

Implementation fee unless specified would be additional.

Any customization, if requested, will be charged as per the requirement.

  • The tool and its modules are provided as a part of Manage Services by Risk Consulting India for SAM, HAM and Cyber Risk Profiling activities.
  • Price is based on the number of users or entities to be deployed on the project and duration of the journey envisaged.

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