Salesforce ESG Accelerator

Navigate ESG management seamlessly through technology adoption via PwC India’s ESG Accelerator

A PwC India Product

PwC, with its vast experience in the sustainability sector has foreseen the need of digital transformation and technology adoption across all sectors. 

We understand that the ESG Digital Transformation of any company should focus on important dimensions such as – paperless operations, automations, collaboration & personalization, single consolidated source of data, AI driven decision making, stakeholder transparency, anytime & anywhere accessibility with high availability, information security, low cost of ownership and digital access to assets. 

Hurdles in navigating the management of ESG Data

Sustainability requirements from Regulators, Investors and Clients.

Continuously changing regulations; varied compliance requirements across geographies.

Current Data Management – Manual, legacy systems, disintegrated, inappropriate granularity, low quality, incompleteness, duplicity.

One-stop solution for entire ESG data and annexures


Allows the user to capture entire BRSR and GRI (quantitative & qualitative) data across all defined general, environment, economy, social and governance metrics.


It has 100+ Reports and Dashboards to visualize compliance and additional use cases. Using inbuilt Disclosure Generator tool, client can easily extract and edit his framework specific compliance report as a handy pdf and word document.


The accelerator also gives a glimpse of how simplified and user-friendly interfaces can be developed using Experience Portal.


Client can flexibly opt to implement either 1 or both packages out of BRSR and GRI.

Let's explore the accelerator

Revolutionising ESG Management using Salesforce - the highest selling cloud based CRM software

Provides real-time reporting visibility into compliance and use case metrics. Users can view, download & subscribe such reports and dashboards.

Single click modifiable disclosure document generation.

Use all other OOTB Salesforce features.


Salesforce ESG Accelerator

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Yemanshu Kodwani | Partner - PwC India

Sumit Goyal | Salesforce ESG Expert - PwC India

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