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PwC's Process Insights Hub (PIH) is an analytics platform built on the technology of Process mining, which aids organizations to narrow down process inefficiencies and bottlenecks in their as-is processes. The platform allows stakeholders to discover hidden process gaps right at the activity level across different dimensions such as user, department, and time dimensions. Built with PwC's decades of experience in process optimization across industries, organizations can gain insights on the best process practices for increasing productivity and gaining sustainable business outcomes.


Organizations are striving towards a process driven approach to achieve business goals amidst the ever-changing economic environment. However, companies are still relying on legacy data collection methods, business process modeling, and business process management tools to work on process integration challenges.

Incomplete view on how process activities are actually being executed


Unable to narrow down opportunities for automation & Technical intervention for process efficiency


Lack of visibility on process cost leakages due to inefficiencies and delays


Low visibility on how many processes are deviating from the defined process models, policies & procedure


Process Insights Hub has supported organizations in both diagnostics and implementation of process driven business analytics across processes

Procure to Pay

The procure-to-pay process is also known as P2P, purchase-to-pay, or request-to-check. It refers to business processes that cover requisitioning, purchasing, confirming, receiving, paying for, and accounting for goods and services. Process Insights Hub brings visibility to the entire end-to-end P2P process and enables business to-

  • Identify any rework that occurs during the purchasing process which leads to delays
  • Find automation rates of process activities and how can they be improved
  • Identify accounts payable without the involvement of the purchasing department
  • How many orders with the same vendor are processed within one week? Is there any potential to reduce costs by order bundling?
  • Find business segments with the biggest improvement potential by analyzing across various dimensions, such as vendor, purchasing organization, currency or PO etc.
Order to Cash

The Order-to-Cash (OTC) process covers the whole process cycle from handling customer orders to the point where the organization receives payment from customers, helps businesses to-

  • Build visibility across the OTC process such as warehousing, delivery, invoicing, and account management for different business units
  • Explore how often and why are orders rejected within the process
  • Identify how fast are invoices processed after delivery?
  • Finding improvement points that are critical for process optimization
  • Increase on-time delivery, locate key regions where payment is on time and monitor the amount of returned goods
  • Identify root causes for order changes and check lead-time between process steps
IT Service Management

Process Insights Hub helps the IT Service Management function to dive deeper, drilling down to uncover inefficiencies and improve them by analyzing service management, knowledge management and service catalog request management to-

  • Identify bottlenecks in major process flows and impact analysis on SLA (Service Level Agreement)
  • Understand resource and team utilization and opportunities to combine teams
  • Identify automation candidates and figuring out opportunities for self-service/ self-healing solutions to reduce service desk effort
  • Perform root cause analysis for frequently re-opened tickets per category, which can help in preventing rework for service desk and improve effectiveness
  • Shorten the re-assignment count (e.g. by automatic tagging, improved process) to further reduce the service desk effort and improve SLA adherence.
  • Identify the potential to optimize MTTR (Mean Time to Resolution) and FCR (First Call Resolution)
Hire to Retire

Process Insights Hub analyzes the effectiveness in executing hire to retire process based on HR management system data for several valuable use cases across the Hire to Retire cycle and helps organizations to-

  • Identify deviations from the ideal/defined human resources process flow
  • Avoid losing talent due to unsatisfactory processes
  • Quantify automation potential by highlighting manual activities and rework the process flow and scope for the RPA
  • Reduce throughput time to fill an open position
  • Reduce cost per hire by an improved recruiting channel management
Lead to Order

Create an efficient lead-to-order process through Process Insights Hub, which supports in qualifying the leads effectively and gain lead conversion ratios by-

  • Getting visibility into the actual journey of the leads, implement alerts and actions to reduce sales cycles and increase lead-to-close conversion rates
  • Understanding which upstream touch points are characteristic of hot leads and implement alerts to deliver them earlier, at a higher priority
  • Knowing which steps in the sales process to automate and which steps need professional sales intervention
  • Analyzing which activities and measures have the highest likelihood to lead to conversion
  • Avoiding aging of promising opportunities be prevented

Key Features

PwC’s Process Insights Hub curbs the need for guesswork on improvement areas in a process by creating models based on thorough assessment of an organization's existing data. It creates a visual, data driven, objective view on the process gaps, and enables organizations to improve performance indicators through executable insights.
show_chartsFactual gap Analysis

Identify your bottlenecks and redundancies easily using factual data from your IT systems

computerContinuous Monitoring

Clear identification of ‘quick win’ and ongoing monitoring of process improvement through regular assessments

track_changesObjective results and dashboards

Visualize your process flows and inefficiencies at the click of a button. Analyze your results and understand your data in a clear and user-friendly way

settingsDrill down analysis

Ability to drill down into all the key process areas as well as perform multi-dimensional analysis to the extent made possible by the data available

Key Benefits

dashboardsEfficiency Gains

Attain productivity gains by improving process standardization and removing unnecessary rework activities

attach_moneyCost Effective

Receive value while achieving significant savings compared to traditional process improvement methods

visibilityEnhanced Visibility

Get a clear, independent visualization of the current state of processes

verified_userImproved Risk Management

Target compliance lapses and process deviations at a click of a button

Indicative Commercial Model

Rates will be tailored as per local territory.

One-Time Fee
  • One-time standard Process Mining - Insights & Report
  • Refreshes can be done on additional cost
  • Single-payment granting unlimited access of defined service scope
  • Works best when the maintenance costs are zero and usage is fixed
  • Eg: Rapid Diagnostic or on time analysis
Subscription Model
  • Recurring fees to be paid annually
  • This will include additional maintenance costs
  • Works best when the maintenance costs exist
  • Eg: Transformation project (where pre & post transformation process analysis is needed), Continuous monitoring

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