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Process Insights Hub- PwC's Business Process Management Software

Drive process excellence through transparent and actionable insights

A PwC India Business Process Management Software

Process Insights Hub is an analytics platform built on the technology of process mining, which aids organisations to narrow down process inefficiencies and bottlenecks in their as-is processes. The platform allows stakeholders to discover hidden process gaps right at the activity level across different dimensions such as user, department, and time dimensions. 

Key challenges in identifying organisational inefficiencies

Limited insights

Incomplete view on how process activities are actually being executed

Challenges in identifying
automation opportunities

Unable to narrow down
opportunities for automation & technical intervention for process efficiency

Hidden costs

Lack of visibility on process cost leakages due to
inefficiencies and delays

Uncertainty surrounding process compliance

Low visibility on how many
processes are deviating from the defined  process models, policies and procedures

Improve organisational efficiency with Process Insights Hub

PwC’s Process Insights Hub curbs the need for guesswork on improvement areas in a process by creating models based on thorough assessment of an organisation's existing data. It creates a visual, data driven, objective view on the process gaps, and enables organisations to improve performance indicators through executable insights.


Efficiency Gains

Attain productivity gains by improving process standardisation and removing unnecessary rework activities


Improved Risk Management

Target compliance lapses and process deviations at a click of a button


Cost Effective

Receive value while achieving significant savings compared to traditional process improvement methods


Enhanced Visibility

Get a clear, independent visualisation of the current state of processes


Continuous Monitoring

Clear identification of ‘quick win’ and ongoing monitoring of process improvement through regular assessments

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Process Insights Hub

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