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A PwC India Product

As customer expectations evolve & cost pressures rise OEM/ Manufacturers must adapt to a shift in customer expectations for a connected experience thus OEMs & Channel partners across industries are transforming their customer experience, these transformations are directed towards enabling customers Digital journey but most of the actual communication still happens offline. Dealers are the bridge when customers move from offline to Digital Channels. However OEMs transformation Program is CRM-focused & rarely touches dealer operations.

Today, dealers need to not only operate like a company, but they must also offer Digital and personalized services, and be more customer-focused and more efficient than earlier in order to compete and acquire or retain customers. OEMs and dealers can unleash tremendous new potential and real growth can be supported by greater integration between OEM and dealer systems — harnessing more available customer data and using it to create a more streamlined, unified, and effective customer experience. 

Unified and 360 dealership view

PwC India has developed an out of the box solution - Dealer & Distributor experience Platform, which caters to customers’ and dealers’ expectations. Our product is powered by salesforce, and thus provides a single centralized platform to capture end-to-end processes vital for the Customer-Dealer-Manufacturer association. This leads to a better customer & operational experience, thus making a connected front office-back office eco-system.
The Dealer and Distributor Experience Platform offers a unified single cloud-based platform for management of all dealership operations, while keeping the customer at the center. Powerful automated and configurable workflow provides a comprehensive suite of modules for the procurement of sales & marketing, inventory, customer  relations, service and payment, covering the entire customer journey or life cycle  in an end-to-end solution.



createContent & Marketing
visibilityCompliant Management

Industry agnostic platform

Predominately, where the supply chains follow a complex set of distribution and marketing channels, PwC’s dealer and distributor experience platform facilitates end-to-end solutions with diverse modules such as Sales & Marketing, Service Management, Spares, Accounting and Ledger, and sophisticated dashboards for analytics and reporting. Along with Salesforce, customization and intelligence, our Dealer and Distributor Experience Platform is a first of its kind (built on Salesforce) and is tailored for the various industries like:-

flash_onOil and Gas

Key Benefits

personCustomer 360*

One-stop solution that provides a 360*customer view to the OEM’s/dealership and forms a stronger OEM and dealer association, which enhances sales and after-sales activities,  leveraging customer analytics to create tailor-made content and create an integrated marketing outreach

dashboardsRobust Lead Management

An insight into lead sources that help OEMs and dealers align customer engagement strategies, and coordinate consistent sales and service communications; impacting lead acquisition, and conversion rates

track_changesInventory Transparency

It allows sharing the most accurate product, pricing, and inventory information with dealers to provide transparency and satisfy customer expectations. It prevents revenue leakages throughout the lifecycle of sales or post-sales

settingsService Transformation

OEM's and Dealers can develop advanced 'service intervention' campaigns that unify sales and service teams by Transforming service departments from being mere cost centers

createIntegrated Marketing channel

Integrated and targeted marketing campaign module, which helps with automated and personalized customer engagement campaigns at scale, throughout the customer lifecycle to provide transparency, trust, and customer satisfaction

computerDealer - OEM 360*

A complete 360-degree dealership view that enables OEMs and dealers to create consistent and personalized customer journeys across every customer touchpoint either with the dealer or the OEM

Indicative Commercial Model

Rates will be tailored as per local territory.
Implementation fee unless specified would be additional.
Any customization to the standard offering will be charged on a case by case basis.
25 USD*Per user per month, all models

Ideal for enterprises with a small number of dealers and distributors.

  • Yearly license
  • Monthly billing
  • Support and consulting
  • User Guide
Upon requestContact us for an individual calculation

Ideal for medium to large scale enterprises with a large number of dealers and distributors spread across multiple geographies.

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