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One stop solution for enterprise wide Intelligent Automation opportunity identification

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In order to have successful automation program it is important to have a robust book of work so that processes are continuously automated and productionized. However, the methodology to assess process have been very subjective and there is a need for scientific method to have an objective assessment of the processes. This required processes to be assessed against standard set of parameters and determine the qualitative and quantitative benefits through automating those processes.


settingsDriving progress while aligning to roadmaps

Near-term RPA opportunities with high ROIs may be overlooked if a solution is targeted on an enterprise roadmap

groupsManaging Expectations : RoI justification

Lack of insights into the expected return on investments (tangible / intangible) for potential automation use cases, often prove to be a roadblock in the decision making process for the leadership and project teams

workProcess Automation Feasibility

It is difficult to understand the automation quotient of a process and the complexity of the automation by plain sight. This greatly impacts the intake methodology to determine automation feasibility and high level classification of simple , medium or complex automations

publicNo streamlined processes

Organizations lacking standardized processes benefit from implementing an up-front strategy to establish standards to monitor quality, efficiency, and increase ROI

cloudInteractive Visualisation of data

Leadership rely on ground level data on process complexities, benefits, etc to make quick and sensible decisions on what to automate and not to automate. Lack of data visualization and the ability to roll up statistics and numbers from a department level to the organisation level does not give an enterprise level view on the programs state of health and the automation pipeline

Process Assessment Methodology

Key Features

personAssessment criteria

Ask questions that make sense to your target audience and will help derive the best quality insights

computerUser-friendly interface

Employ channels such as Microsoft Forms that are intuitive, easy to use and can be scaled within the entire organization

descriptionObjective analysis

Standardize answers to reduce subjectivity and get uniform responses from across functions for ease of comparison

filter_listKey Decision Points

Rank processes by filtering key decision points to easily prioritize them and create a roadmap

visibilityConfigurable view

Get data-driven insights and a high-level overview of all processes or a comprehensive view of one function, based on user’s requirement

trending_upHigh-impact metrics

Identify key parameters from your organization’s standpoint and incorporate those as decision-points for analysis

tuneTransparent scoring

Adjust weightages for answers and alter ranges of acceptable values to account for risk appetite, budgetary constraints, etc

vpn_keyOrganization-specific parameters

Only add Key Decision Points that influence your business drivers for automation

Use Cases

Automation assessment for a leading Indian chemicals manufacturer


Automation Discovery strategy project for a leading Indian Private Insurance Company


Intelligent Automation Assessment at a Leading Private Bank in India


Automation assessment for British multinational oilfield services provider


Key Benefits

codeUnified platform to capture all processes

Identify the right set of parameters for process prioritization and scale this across all functions

trending_upStandardization of inputs leads to uniformity in process assessment

Reduce subjectivity in inputs captured and analysis

searchEnsures Data Integrity of information collected

Obliterate the requirement of maintaining different versions of the scorecard and allow editing rights in accordance with the user’s role

dashboardOrganization-wide intuitive dashboard

Provides real-time recommendations for efficient decision-making

Indicative Commercial Model

Rates will be tailored as per local territory.

Implementation fee unless specified would be additional.

Any customization to the standard offering will be charged on a case by case basis.

Implementation cost will include the setup, re-design (if need), testing and deployment to production.

One time Product Cost
INR 1,000,000
Implementation Cost
Starting at INR 4,00,000

Implementation cost will be arrived at via mutually agreed time and material contract/ SoW

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