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Process Assement Tool- PwC's Business Process Assessment Solution

One stop solution for enterprise wide Intelligent Automation opportunity identification.

A PwC India Business Process Assessment Tool

In order to have a successful automation program it is important to have a robust book of work so that processes are continuously automated and productionized. 

Consequences of not assessing processes

Overlooked RPA opportunities

Near-term RPA opportunities with high ROIs may be overlooked if a solution is targeted on an enterprise roadmap.

ROI uncertainty in automation

Lack of insights into the expected return on investments (tangible / intangible) for potential automation use cases, often prove to be a roadblock in the decision making process.

Automation complexity

Difficulty in understanding the automation quotient and complexity of a process greatly impacts the intake methodology to determine feasibility and high level classification of simple, medium or complex automations.

Lack of streamlined processes

Organisations lacking standardised processes benefit from implementing an up-front strategy to establish standards to monitor quality, efficiency, and increase ROI.

Embrace a holistic approach to assessing processes

Enabled with the power of visualisation for guided decisioning by the business leaders, our Process Assessment Tool is an enterprise wide one-stop solution to assess business processes for automation potential.


Identify right set of parameters

Only add key decision points that influence your business drivers for automation and easily prioritise rank processes by filtering them to create a roadmap.


Transparent scoring and objective analysis

Standardise answers and assign weightages to reduce subjectivity and get uniform responses from across functions for ease of comparison.


User friendly interface and assessment

Ask questions that make sense to your target audience to best quality insights by employing Microsoft forms which are intuitive, scalable and easy to use.


Receive real-time recommendations

Get data-driven insights and a high-level overview of all processes or a comprehensive view of one function, based on your requirements.


Streamlined scorecard management

Obliterates the requirement of maintaining different versions of the scorecard and allow editing rights in accordance with the user’s role

Here’s a quick behind-the-scene of our Process Assessment Tool

Here’s a 3-step approach to empowering efficiency

  • Carry out automation process discovery and prioritisation business case and BRD creation and automation implementation of the identified processes.
  • Create a robust automation foundation by identifying potential processes, creating prioritised books of work and analysing technology landscapes.
  • Create an automation program roadmap by highlighting key aspects of automation governance and automation centre of excellence.

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Process Assessment Tool

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