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Business Analytics and Insights Platform- PwC's Business Intelligence & Analytics Software Solution

A one-stop cloud accelerator to BI implementations for users who seek actionable insights

A PwC India Business Intelligence & Analytics Software

The Business Analytics and Insights Platform is a sophisticated and adaptable data and analytics tool designed to facilitate data-driven decisions making within organisations. It has been built from the ground up using Microsoft Azure, a cloud computing service to leverage its powerful capabilities and scalability.

Why gaining accurate business insights is difficult?

Time commitment

The generation of a proper framework usually requires iterative sessions to be finalised
resulting in an extended turnaround time.

Uncertainty around selection of KPIs

It becomes quite difficult to separate the chaff from the grain and guide the inclusion of the most critical metrics

Inability to customise use-cases

Receiving insights that are as per general specifications and standards often acts as a recommendation rather than actual insights.

Actionable business insights are a few clicks away!


Pre-built data models & KPI Library

Following a layered architecture, the models cover all major business domains and functions while facilitating the reporting of focused KPIs.


Pay-as-you-use Infrastructure

The flexibility offered, ensures optimum utility of investment and smoothens the modification of the volume of service consumption on demand.


Low Latency in Insights Generation

A Natural Language Generation-based engine, it devises diagnostic analytics for business users at a short turnaround time.


Customised and Self Service BI solutions

It provides various derived flexible measures which could be calculated on the fly, based on the KPI library while generating reports to unearth hidden perspectives in data for better decision-making.

Business Intelligence (BI) Software Dashboard Overview: Business insights through graphs & charts

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Business Analytics and Insights Platform


Product Owners

Prasun Nandy | Partner - PwC India

Manpreet Singh Ahuja | Chief Digital Officer - PwC India

Aman Goel | Managing Director and Digital Products Leader - PwC India

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