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It's the virtual destination where you (client) can see all of your active projects in one place, collaborate across practice teams, and deliver insights and analyses aligned to your key focus areas - all at deals speed. As a new tech-powered solution, Junction will make a true difference in what and how PwC delivers.  While PwC's overarching way of working will change, you’ll still be able to do what you do best, with the programs and tools you use today for your analysis.

Major Challenges

Key deal issues are lost in the detail

Give a clear connection from our analyses to the key deal issues

Too much time is spent on process management

Would rather focus their efforts on driving deeper insights

Limited early-stage deal support

Will give input sooner, and in real-time, throughout the process

X-practice team perspective

Provides a holistic viewpoint on their issues from PwC, rather than a deliverable siloed by practice team

What does the Junction platform offer?

Junction is where PwC meets its clients. It's the virtual destination we built to see all your active projects in one place, collaborate across practice teams, and deliver insights and analyses aligned to our clients’ key focus areas - all at deals speed.

Junction brings everything together in one place to make us more efficient, help us visualise our work in an integrated way, and enable us to deliver a better, more effective and integrated experience for both our clients and our teams.


Integrates technology

Brings together applications we use today (M365, PowerBI, Workbench) in one place


Increases efficiency

Automated, real-time updates via live linking to underlying analyses enhances productivity and reduces manual tasks


Enables real-time collaboration

Allows multiple users to work together simultaneously across different practice teams


Sharp, data-backed insights to help you act

Explore data sets, toggle adjustments off/on, and trace connections, with clear linkages between your deal hypotheses; you get the big picture of the deal and our point of view on what it all means.

Key features of Junction

  • Connects insights to focus areas: Clearer connections help our clients make decisions
  • Brings analyses to life: Interactive analyses enable greater exploration and scenario planning
  • Streamlines sharing: Facilitates easier and earlier delivery of insights
  • Deliver as One firm: Allows practice teams to present a cohesive point of view that clients can access on any device
  • Content structure updates: Simpler presentation of information and customised grouping of certain content



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Manpreet Singh Ahuja | Chief Digital Officer - PwC India


Aman Goel | Managing Director and Digital Products Leader - PwC India