Virtual destination to view all your insights at one place - at deals speed

A PwC US Product

It's the virtual destination where you (client) can see all of your active projects in one place, collaborate across practice teams, and deliver insights and analyses aligned to your key focus areas - all at deals speed. As a new tech-powered solution, Junction will make a true difference in what and how PwC delivers.  While PwC's overarching way of working will change, you’ll still be able to do what you do best, with the programs and tools you use today for your analysis.


folder_specialKey deal issues are lost in the detail

Give a clear connection from our analyses to the key deal issues

scheduleToo much time is spent on process management

Would rather focus their efforts on driving deeper insights

inputLimited early-stage deal support

Will give input sooner, and in real-time, throughout the process

groupsX-practice team perspective

Provides a holistic viewpoint on their issues from PwC, rather than a deliverable siloed by practice team

Key Features

computerAccess all of your active projects from one screen
languageNavigate the same responsive experience across devices
view_headlineList view lets you quickly see what’s new and access related content
saveFocused detail view so you can dig into the data
assessmentInteractive graphs and PowerBi visuals linked to table data allows toggling and scenario presentation
file_downloadDownload supporting PPT, Excel and Word analyses all in one place
track_changesTrack the latest iteration of deliverables, cutting down on email traffic
descriptionPwC deliverable available in standard PDF report

Junction fosters new ways of working

thumb_downWithout Junction


1.Files emailed back and forth


2.Intermittent emails or phone calls to provide key updates


3.Delivery via static reports at project end


4.Insights provided by relevant workstream


thumb_upWith Junction


1.A single virtual destination to access all findings from any device


2.Curated project updates in one place and updated at different stages of the project


3.Delivery of both static & dynamic analyses throughout the project


4.Contextualised insights tied to your key focus areas

Key Benefits

crop_freeFocus on the deal, not project management

1. Responsive design across devices

2. Efficient, real-time communication

3. Fewer emails to manage and respond to

access_timeReal-time access to PwC’s expertise

1. Earlier input in the deal’s lifecycle

2. Interim, in-progress observations

3. Deeper, broader insights from across PwC

saveSharp, data-backed insights to help you act

1. Interact with data to evaluate different scenarios

2. Contextualised insights to inform your decisions

3. Access to an integrated digital deliverable 

Use Cases



Deals Strategy




M&A Tax

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