Business Analytics & Insights Platform

A one-stop cloud accelerator to BI implementations for users who seek actionable insights

A PwC India Product

Business Analytics & Insights Platform is a configurable plug & play data and analytics platform, created ground up on Microsoft Azure, to help organisations to deploy analytical models quickly, visualize the insights and realise the benefits without spending too much time on creating the data foundation and operational framework.


history Time lost in creating Data foundations and Operational framework

The generation of a proper framework usually requires iterative sessions to be finalized. Business Analytics & Insights Platform can help shorten the turnaround time for the requirement and design effort

cancelUncertainty around selection of KPIs

Through a comprehensive KPI library and visualization palette, Business Analytics & Insights Platform helps separate the chaff from the grain and guide the inclusion of the most critical metrics

thumb_downInability to customise use-cases

Business Analytics & Insights Platform also provides a pedestal for deep-dive into each cog of the Supply Chain and potent Analytic solutions to ensure “human-led” and “tech-powered” outcomes

Our Solution

  • A single solution to all business analytics problems
  • A way to accelerate ideation to industrialization
  • Generation of actionable insights & visualization of the KPIs to understand the levers which influences business outcome
  • Next best action to maximize business outcome
  • A way to monetize data

Integration Architecture for Business Analytics & Insights Platform

Key Benefits

developer_boardPre-built Data models & KPI Library

Business Analytics & Insights Platform has pre-built data models which follow a layered architecture. The models cover all major business domains and functions. The cockpit facilitates reporting of focussed KPIs across these functions from a summarised perspective for actionable insights. Users can explore self-service to design specific use-cases and dashboards

attach_moneyPay-as-you-use Infrastructure

The flexibility offered by the platform ensures the optimum utility of the user’s investment and smoothens the modification of the volume of service consumption on demand. It neutralizes the leakage costs in implementing BI solutions

insert_chartLow Latency in Insights Generation

Business Analytics & Insights Platform leverages a Natural Language Generation-based engine to devise diagnostic analytics for business users at a short turnaround time. The conversational BI component can be tuned to answer the questions on the KPIs based on the data models through the use of simple contextual keywords

note_add Customized and Self Service BI solutions

It provides various derived flexible measures which could be calculated on the fly, based on the KPI library. It also generates reports to publish to the audience. This feature accentuates the power to unearth hidden perspectives in data for better decision-making

Indicative Dashboards













Indicative Commercial Model

The platform will be charged on a SaaS model.

The pricing given below is for 10 users per module.

Implementation fee will depend upon the chosen technical requirement, automation requirements and the number of modules chosen.

The given pricing is only for Indian domicile customers.

Any customization to the standard offering will be charged on a case by case basis.

INR 150K (1st module), INR 37500 (for each additional module)
Manufacturing Analytics
INR 150K (1st module), INR 30K (for each additional module)
Procurement Analytics
INR 105000 (1st module), INR 21K (for each additional module)
Sales & Marketing Analytics
INR 150K (1st module), INR 30K (for each additional module)
Logistics Control Tower
INR 150K (1st module), INR 30K (for each additional module)
INR 24K (1st module), INR 4800 (for each additional module)
Analytics Apps
INR 150K (1st module), INR 22500 (for each additional module)

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