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Effortlessly automate the solicitation, comparison and selection of tech tools for your organisation

A PwC India Procurement Management Software

With organisations increasingly building up their technology stack and solutions to reduce burden and automate processes, selecting the right solution can be a tedious and consuming process.

Challenges in the solution selection process

Inaccurate need analysis

Outlining the features needed and organising them according to priority, as these factors directly influence the cost of the procurement.

High cost and turnaround time

The procurement timeline for the new
solution items takes at least 3–6 months to gather all the information and prepare the
requestfor proposal (RFP). 

Lack of visibility

There is always a lack of visibility with
respect to procurement items and their stages for the senior management and other stakeholders.

Streamline your decision making

The tool’s solution evaluation services can assist your organisation in efficiently choosing its own vendors, fostering industry growth and taking advantage of tailored services.


Reduce the cost & time

Time and money can be saved by automating the standard processes while leveraging PwC's industry database of questions and experience concerning vendor selection to formulate the most optimal Functional Requirement Specifications (FRS).


Efficient tracking and visibility

This solution enables tracking across all the launched Request For Proposals (RFPs) and provides visibility to all the layers of management, that is, from a bird’s-eye view to an individual RFP.



This tool helps in reducing the e-mail and spreadsheet management and compiles them into one database which can be used in subsequent procurement activities.


Unified reporting

The tool provides a single unified dashboard that provides insights into all vendors and their respective positions and functional areas, to facilitate quick decision making.

Procurement Management Software Solution in action

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Proposal Comparator Tool

Product Owners

Sumit Srivastav | Partner - PwC India

Mahesh Parab | Partner - PwC India

Aman Goel | Managing Director and Digital Products Leader - PwC India