Proposal Comparator Tool

Effortlessly automate the solicitation, comparison and selection of tech tools for your organisation.

Proposal Comparator

With organisations increasingly building up their technology stack and solutions to reduce burden and automate processes, selecting the right solution can be a tedious and consuming process. Most organisations aim to achieve maturity by leveraging suitable options available in the marketplace. These options can be in the form of a system or a service. A lot goes into the decision: comparing the numerous available options and managing all the emails and sheets.

That’s where we help. With PwC India’s Proposal Comparator, you can choose your solution effectively: automate the entire process of tool selection from the start. It automates the process of soliciting proposals, compares them and provides results.

Do these challenges in the solution selection process sound familiar?

trending_upInaccurate need analysis

The technology solution procurement process starts with need analysis. This involves outlining the features needed and organising them according to priority, as these factors directly influence the cost of the procurement.

paymentsHigh cost and turnaround time

The procurement timeline for the new solution items takes at least 3–6 months to gather all the information and prepare the request for proposal (RFP). This affects the organisation in a time-sensitive, highly competitive and ever-changing business scenario.

visibilityLack of visibility

There is always a lack of visibility with respect to procurement items and their stages for the senior management and other stakeholders.

About the Proposal Comparator Tool

  • Efficiently delivers solution evaluation services
  • Provides your organisation with the ability to self-select the requirements
  • Allows the industry to mature and provide further contextualised services

Key Benefits


Reduce the cost & time taken in the procurement lifecycle


Track your RFPs and gain visibility for all layers of management


Single point paperless database which can be used in subsequent procurement activities


Unified dashboard for insights & quick decision making

Case study


The company was started in 2013. It has had 2.5x growth since inception and is now at an employee strength of 2300. They have presence in US, Canada, UK, India. They will soon be starting offices in UAE, UK, Singapore.

From a market play perspective they have Solution areas include AI / Machine Learning, Data Analytics, Conversational AI and IT Infrastructure.

The company intends to digitally transform the organisation, select the best fit ERP, HRMS and CRM platform, enable composable architecture and build capability to sustain and achieve further growth.


PwC was engaged with the client on multiple dimensions by aligning the team to focus on control, automation, insight and experience.

PwC brought in experts from multiple practices and worked with the client to understand the baseline and assess the landscape and operating model in a comprehensive manner. PwC developed comprehensive functional requirements for all the systems that were to be selected.

Tangible client benefits
  • Identified optimised option for ERP, CRM and HRMS
  • Built target state architecture
  • Analysed personas and experience journey
  • Conducted sourcing of core application and identified satellite solutions
  • Helped in identifying roadmap for implementation

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Commercial Model

Rates will be tailored as per local territory.

The solution will be used as accelerator to sourcing service by PwC and hence will be fixed fee.

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