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A PwC India Education Management Software

PwC, with its vast experience in the education sector has foreseen the need of digital transformation and technology adoption by education institutes.

We understand that the digital transformation of an education institute should focus on important dimensions such as – paperless operations, automations, collaboration & personalization, blended learning capability, smart data driven decision making, stakeholder engagement, anytime & anywhere accessibility with high availability, information security, low cost of ownership and digital access to assets.

Challenges Our Student Information Management System Can Solve

Excessive manual work and rework to maintain records

Distributed and scattered systems

Lack of insights and accessibility due to data redundancy and inaccuracy.

Low stakeholder engagement, collaboration and personalisation due to lack of internal and external communication

Key Modules Of Our Student Management System

IEMS is an agile, robust and intuitive education suite that aims to solve key problems and enhance efficiency by bringing all stakeholders under one platform through a comprehensive portal and mobile app that makes teaching and learning fun, collaborative, and personalised all while providing actionable insights that facilitate key decision making to improve efficiency and academic performance.


Platform flexibility

Support for multiple brands and geographical locations for the same institute.


End-to-end coverage

Admissions, SLCM, LMS, assessments, back office and CRM integration.



On-demand scaling and availability during peak hours.


Features to support National Education Policy 2020

Compliance to support learning tools interoperability and SCORM.


Seamless user experience

A platform to enable collaboration and personalisation

Illustrative Dashboard Of Our Student Information Management System

Gartner Review Of Our Education Management System

"My overall experience is PWC integrated Education Management is the best AI Enabled,
agile, robust and intuitive education suite which will help to solve the key problems of the institutes and provide organizational efficiency by bringing all stakeholders under one platform" 

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Brochure Of Our Student Academic Management System

Integrated Education Management System

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