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Transform the way you engage with your clients. Say hello to the metaverse.

The metaverse is an interactive digital environment with a virtual paradigm where one can engage with others through various emerging technologies. Enabled by Web3.0, and featuring interconnected, decentralised virtual environments, metaverse allows organisations to engage with clients in a truly immersive experience.

How does it work? The key technology drivers for the building and adopting metaverse include artificial intelligence (AI), low/no-code platforms, blockchain, cybernetics, 5G and edge computing, digital identity models, community and power platforms, and virtual reality (VR).

PwC can help get your metaverse journey started



  • Use case demonstration
  • Understanding client pain points
  • Developing use cases for clients


  • Due diligence 
  • Defining the brainstormed use cases
  • Selecting the use cases to develop and launch


  • Design, develop and launch cutting-edge metaverse experiences for use cases
  • Prototype to at-scale deployment


  • Provision of a virtual environment and development on a virtual real estate as per the client’s needs
  • Avatar creation and NFT galleries
  • Continuous improvement as and when upcoming features get developed

The metaverse opportunity: value for your organisation

descriptionNew avenues of business

The metaverse unlocks new avenues of business across digital real estate and e-commerce.

person Attractive marketing and improved customer experiences

Metaverse allows extremely personalised immersive experiences and interactive engagements with customers and clients for experiential marketing enhancement.

check_circleNew product launches

Co-create advanced concepts and prototypes with potential users. Accelerate the product development cycle and help predict the success of an innovation.

paymentsEmbedded finance opportunities

In the metaverse space, users can be offered various financial solutions such as loans, buy now pay later (BNPL) schemes, payment wallets and insurance at various points in the customer journeys

groupsEmployee engagement and training

Metaverse can empower upskilling for the new world and result in the development of highly skilled labour with the gamification of training modules.

Jump-start your journey into the metaverse

The Emerging technology team at PwC India is here to support you in your metaverse journey by keeping up with the latest technological and infrastructure advancements. Elevate innovations and customer experience which can accelerate growth and strategically drive your organisation ahead.

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