Process Capture Tool- PwC's Process Documentation & Capture Software

Measure, report and gain deeper insights to improve on ESG disclosures

A PwC India Process Capture Software

Document your business process on the go with instant screen capture, detailed step by step description, enabling a seamless integration with custom business templates.

Process Capture Tool accelerates business process documentation by recording your regular workflows in detail. Your auto-generated process maps will be ready to share—and for RPA or Citizen Developers to start automating.

Challenges in identifying relevant factors for ESG Reporting

Manual creation of process documents

Skipping process steps while manually creating a document

Missing out on highlighting important clicks, fields or buttons in the process flow

Key benefits of implementing the Process Capture Tool


Unified platform to capture all processes

Identify the right set of parameters for process prioritization and scale this across all functions


Standardization of inputs leads to uniformity in process assessment

Reduce subjectivity in inputs captured and analysis


Ensures Data Integrity of information collected

Obliterate the requirement of maintaining different versions of the document and allow editing rights in accordance with the user’s role

Key features Of Our Process Documentation & Capture Software

  • Automatically capture each step of the process from a process owner demonstration and minimal support required by process owners to record their own demonstrations
  • Clearly defined process which helps process developers to get an ideal starting point.
  • Easily editable Process Definition Documents for accuracy that can be customized to meet your brand guidelines 
  • Optimized and accurate Process Definition Document ready for use as a skeleton for future process developers

Simplified capture

The process screenshots get captured in the background while the users performs their BAU activities

Ease of use

The user can pause, resume the recording at any point as per need and at same time delete any unwanted actions that get recorded

Step description

Add detailed step by step description in one go for the entire use-case


Edit format, font layout, use custom word templates for the document to comply with the corporate branding

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