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Navigate Tax in ERP- PwC's ERP Tax Software

Power your ERP with a one stop solution to manage tax compliance and generate insights

A PwC India ERP Tax Software

Organisations spend weeks together collating and processing data from ERP using multiple solutions to meet their tax requirements.]

Say hello to Navigate Tax in ERP. It is a transformative and one-stop solution built within your ERP to make it a single source of truth. In one click, get greater control, efficiency and reduced cost.

Obstacles to managing Tax within the organisation’s ERP

Lack of tax controls and hygiene in ERP that leads to reporting lapses as well as excess tax outflows

Non-availability of sufficient reports due to inadequate data recorded in ERP – issues are found in reporting and decision making

Adjustments and reconciliations are handled manually outside ERP – which translates to adverse cash/working capital impact

Non-availability of real-time information to ERP users and other relevant stakeholders

Transform tax management without any core system changes

Navigate Tax in ERP is a one-stop solution built within your ERP to make it a single source of truth to provide you with greater control and efficiency by enhancing accuracy and improving usability for relevant stakeholders.


Automate GST / VAT / Custom / Income tax compliances from within the ERP


Built in interface for auto validation of tax masters and transactions to stay compliant as business happens


Insights and trends that offer complete transparency for CFO’s and tax leaders


Provides a seamless two-way integration with a unified user experience


Extracts relevant information based on pre-configured rules/ parameters

Have a look at the seamless integration

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Navigate Tax in ERP

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Siddharth Mehta | Tax Technology Leader - PwC India

Prashanth Agarwal | Tax Partner - PwC India

Aman Goel | Managing Director and Digital Products Leader - PwC India

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