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Software Diagnostics Tool is a platform to generate ever changing scripts for UI automation automatically from the project management tool, test the requirement and the design with a built-in framework and set of industry tests to begin with. Scaling gets easy, quality is built in from the start and effort is reduced by 65-80% with automation that always works. Automation is always in sprint and truly agile, helping the customer to faster time the market and reduce costs of quality.

Major Challenges in Efficient Software Diagnosis

Manual script creation

Overcoming the challenge of manual script creation by automatically generating ever-changing UI automation scripts, ensuring synchronisation with project management tools

Continuous need for robust testing

Addressing the need for robust testing by incorporating a built-in framework and industry-standard tests within the tool, guaranteeing a foundation of quality from the project's initiation

Scalability issues

Resolving scalability issues by providing a platform that easily scales with project demands, enabling efficient and effective automation even as project size and complexity grow

Integrating automation into sprints

Tackling the hurdle of integrating automation seamlessly into sprints, ensuring that automation is an intrinsic part of the agile development process, leading to faster time-to-market and substantial reductions in the costs associated with maintaining quality

What does PwC India’s Automation Testing Software do?

Our Software Diagnostics Tool is a comprehensive solution that streamlines testing processes. It offers ready-to-use critical test cases and feature files tailored to specific industries, simplifying test implementation. The tool excels in API testing by writing tests in BDD syntax, automating response validation, and facilitating troubleshooting with detailed HTTP request and response logs. Additionally, it ensures application robustness by simulating heavy loads and analysing performance across diverse scenarios. Bulk generation of UI automation scripts, integrated UI design regression, and the provision of customised test frameworks further solidify its role as a versatile and efficient testing platform.


Auto generates BDD feature and step definition files from application lifecycle management (ALM)


Generates test scripts in bulk for a given URL/HTML


Provides a set of test cases and scripts for different modules for multiple industries; has an in-built mechanism for scripting and execution


AI/machine learning (ML)-based auto defect generation and allocation, with evidence


Ensures automatic comparison of software design using AI and ML

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Key features of Automation Testing Software

  • Integrating with some of the popular project management tools like Jira, Azure DevOps etc.
  • Extracting the feature files and step definition from the user stories acceptance criteria irrespective of how complex and how many nested levels of details it can have.
  • Generates scripts for a webpages through Selenium and Python based robot framework. It extracts the different locators of the HTML that is present in the UI and generates a script with the page locators.
  • Cloud hosted tool to verify and compare each design 24/7. Mismatched design detected as bug and auto logged in ALM. Bugs auto assigned to respective developers.


Software Diagnostics Tool

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