Audit Management Software System - Process Validation Bots

Bringing the right combination for shaping up your automation journey

A PwC India Audit Management Software

In industries, attracting and keeping internal audit staff has become a challenge. Even though overall hiring expenditures for auditors have increased, filling posts has never been more difficult and subject matter requirements are also growing at an exponential rate. 

Obstacles faced in the day-to-day auditing processes

Excessive efforts and time spent

Huge datasets and files to be dealt with

Multiple transactions with multiple vendors

Human errors


Take control of your auditing process with the Process Validation Bot

It's a correct combination of controls for shaping up a successful automation journey.


Reduction in Manual Efforts

Turn mechanical mundane deliverables to a more intellectually oriented challenges with the usage of BOTs


Improved Compliance

Proper sanity checks & scrutinization of laws, regulations & industry standards by inculcating usage of BOTs


Embedded Control

Automating data validation, invalid entry identification, report creation, etc. tasks can be very helpful for the audit professionals


Round the clock assistance

Usage of BOTs ensures 24*7 support to the audit professionals present in the industry and on-the-go support provision by the BOTs


Huge Sample Study

Inculcating BOT into their operations makes universal data set coverage possible for the audit professionals

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Product Owners

Sumit Srivastav | Partner - PwC India

Mahesh Parab | Partner - PwC India

Aman Goel | Managing Director and Digital Products Leader - PwC India