Navigate Withholding Tax Solution

Automated solution for managing withholding tax compliance

A PwC India Product 

Navigate Withholding Tax is a web-based tool that integrates data obtained from ERP and manages WHT compliances. It integrates data from three different dimensions — TDS transactions, general ledger account mapping, and vendor and challan details. Use this tool to deliver accurate reports, balance tight control, and efficiency, be audit-ready and gain actionable insights.

Key Features

account_balanceAccounts payable
account_balance_walletDirect payable
createReversals, rectifications and adjustments
attach_money Advances
credit_cardDebit/Credits notes
bookGeneral ledger mapping
groupsVendor accounts and certificates

Other Features


Seamless WHT computations, deposits and returns


Maker-checker and audit trail mechanism for better control


Double verification of TDS rates section for correct TDS filing


Automated process to provide tax credit to vendors


Notification to users to complete tasks within timelines so as to be compliant


Various variance and exception reports for quick decision making


Reconciliation of financial statements with WHT returns and general ledger


Historical data management to analyse past data


Further drill down of each data point of tax audit report clause 34


Analytical reports to assist the senior management in effective decision making

Illustrative Dashboard







Key Benefits

descriptionProvides ready output for the monthly, quarterly and clause 34 reconciliation (of the tax audit report)
linear_scaleTraces the financial statement expense line items to its TDS data points (date of payment, reasons for non-deduction, etc.) and vice versa
track_changesImproves accuracy in applying tax rates and sections using artificial intelligence and machine learning
person Helps higher management in re-evaluating their existing control mechanics by examining the applied withholding tax rates
dashboardGenerates insightful analytical reports and dashboards to assist clients in their decision-making

Indicative Commercial Model

Rates will be tailored as per local territory.
Implementation fee unless specified would be additional.
Any customization to the standard offering will be charged on a case by case basis.
Upon requestOne time deployment Fee and Annual Licensing Fee
  • Pricing is subject to the number of TANs and the number of purchase transactions.
  • Deployed on SaaS and Premise.

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