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Navigate Disputes- PwC's Litigation Management System & Legal Case Management Software

A comprehensive solution for monitoring and handling the entire spectrum of litigation across all laws

A PwC India Litigation Management System

Navigate Disputes is a comprehensive solution for monitoring and handling the entire spectrum of litigation (assessments, appeals, special investigations, writs, etc.) across all laws (tax, labor, criminal, etc.). It prepares a case itinerary of all events and also alerts users on the actions to be taken.

Challenges in the conventional approach to manage litigations

Coordination with multiple teams/consultants managing disputes across various geographies and taxes

Inefficient leveraging of knowledge and no comprehensive view and insights on pending litigations across the organization

Storage/retrieval of physical records (which are highly relied on) for pending litigation matters

Monitoring of payments, security, guarantees, costs, year-end provisioning, etc. at the organization level

Key features of the solution

Automation is the need of the hour for managing customs & trade effectively and with Navigate Customs and Trade you can make it seamless.


Stay Alert. Stay updated

To-do alerts for scheduled events viz. hearings, teams to-dos, etc.


Work collaboratively

Access can be provided to external partners/ legal consultants, etc.


Be in the know

Advance search functionality with features of standard and custom tags


Customized Reports

Customized MIS reports and robust report generation mechanism


Manage with ease

Comprehensive data repository for litigation proceedings, etc.


Tailored to your needs

Law and territory agnostic. Usable for multiple laws and jurisdictions

Why our Legal Case Management Software is the right solution for you?

  • Accuracy and time saving due to complete case history and guidance at one place with a single repository of multiple documents and their built up viz. annexures, supporting documents and drafts
  • Mitigates risk of taking inconsistent positions – Issue wise insights and Improved litigation strategy using data analytics and insights
  • Easier collaboration with counsels/consultants and elimination of loss due to change of teams/consultants
  • Deployment on leading cloud platform and on premise

Get actionable insights for informed decision making

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Navigate Disputes Solution

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Siddharth Mehta | Tax Technology Leader - PwC India

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Aman Goel | Managing Director and Digital Products Leader - PwC India