Navigate Direct Tax Compliance solution

Automate and streamline your organisation’s direct tax compliance

A PwC India product

With the increasing complexity and ever changing tax laws and regulations, companies are facing many challenges to stay ahead of their compliance needs.

Say hello to PwC India’s Navigate Direct Tax Compliance. A solution to help you automate your tax calculations, help identify deductions and credits, and assist in filing tax returns. Now, you can simplify your tax compliance, save time and reduce the risks of errors, penalties and fines.

Key challenges that the solution addresses

editManual preparation of income tax returns, which can be time consuming and prone to errors
descriptionComplex rules for computation of tax and interest​
saveNon standardised formats for data collation and deliverables​
visibility_offLack of controls in compliance process​

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Benefits of the Navigate Direct Tax Compliance for your organisation

Knowing the tax compliance is being handled efficiently and accurately can free up a lot of time and resources of your company to focus on other important aspects of the business.


Automated preparation of tax computation, basis of preparation and the tax return​


Robust rule engine to factor various situations for automating calculations​


Inbuilt maker-checker workflow with an option to configure multiple level of reviewers


Comprehensive repository and continuous monitoring of the compliance process


Improved accuracy and reduce the risk of non-compliance


Real-time tax data and analytics, businesses can make better informed decisions regarding the tax planning and strategy

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