Time to future proof: A blueprint for holistic urban resilience


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The publication, "Time to Future Proof: A Blueprint for Holistic Urban Resilience," presented by PwC's Strategy& in collaboration with the World Government Summit, addresses the pressing need for urban resilience in the face of escalating challenges. 

Focusing on the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, where natural disasters have tripled since the 1980s, affecting over 40 million people annually, the document underscores the critical role of urban areas in withstanding shocks, including those from pandemics, violence, and cyber-attacks. 

Strategy& introduces a robust evidence-based urban resilience framework, assessing cities' exposure to hazards, vulnerabilities, and institutional capacities. Analysing nine MENA cities and 11 counterparts globally, the report identifies varying degrees of vulnerabilities, emphasising deficiencies in basic needs, social cohesion, economic stability, and environmental sustainability. 

The suggested remedy involves crafting "resilience blueprints," enabling cities to enhance recovery and transformative capacities. Emphasising the imperative of rapid adaptation and innovation, the blueprint provides a strategic guide for MENA cities to fortify themselves against current and future challenges, fostering resilience in the realms of economics, technology, and societal well-being.

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