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This publication by PwC delves into the strategic advantages derived from companies collaborating across industry boundaries. In their pursuit to decipher top performance, the study defines performance based on profit margin and revenue growth. By incorporating both metrics, the research captures nuanced differences in how companies enhance their profits. To ensure fairness, the study considers varying growth rates across industries, balancing the analysis with industry median profit margins and growth rates. 

The research introduces the concept of a "performance premium," a term coined to represent the combined impact of profit margin and revenue growth, adjusted for industry disparities. Through a comprehensive survey involving 2,006 respondents, the study calculates this performance premium, shedding light on companies' competitive edges. Simultaneously, the research constructs an index from the survey findings, focusing on 40 areas of management practice and company investment. This multifaceted analysis underscores the significance of cross-industry collaboration and innovative management strategies in driving business success. Forward-thinking organisations embracing these approaches are positioned to outperform their counterparts.

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