Reimagining learning with technology: Building sustainable EdTech businesses in India


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The Indian education system has been facing difficulties such as growing expenses and restricted / limited access to high-quality education. Open-loop curricula, credentialisation, multilingual material, and lack of strategic collaborations are leading to saturation in the education space and making it difficult to enhance collaborations and improve the overall quality of education.

The solution to these challenges is EdTech. Companies operating in the EdTech space leverage SaaS models to generate high RoI and deliver high-quality education to students across all demographics. As a vertical, EdTech is expected to grow at a 30% CAGR and reach $10.4 billion by 2025.

EdTech breaks down the barrier of technology democratisation in education and enables the vertical to be more accessible and equitable, lessening inequalities, and giving students a better chance to learn. By leveraging these innovations, Indian EdTech companies are positioned to transform the conventional models and deliver every student an equal opportunity to succeed.

Read this publication to learn more about the challenges that Indian EdTech companies are grappling with and how digitisation is the most productive way forward to tackling these obstacles and transforming the education industry.