Navigating the New Reality: Restructuring for Growth


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The PwC Strategy& publication, "Navigating the New Reality: Restructuring for Growth," illuminates the transformative landscape shaped by the challenges of the past year, particularly the impact of Covid-19 on testing the resilience of European economies and industries. The pandemic, while unveiling vulnerabilities, has catalysed a paradigm shift, turning restructuring from a perceived sign of failure into a strategic opportunity for value creation. 

Company leaders now view restructuring as a crucial tool to reshape businesses for a new era and address pre-existing gaps, necessitating fundamental transformations for sustainable future growth. The publication underscores the importance of carefully researched and thoughtful change programs, urging companies to assess all available options before taking concrete actions. 

Drawing insights from a global survey across 11 industries and multiple regions, the report reveals that executives anticipate significant transformations within the next three years, focusing on digitally-enabled business models, operational resilience, and strategic investments in technology, cybersecurity, and sustainability. 

Highlighting key trends, including the acceleration of digitization, the growing emphasis on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals, the impetus to localise operations, and the adoption of flexible and collaborative working methods, the publication offers a roadmap for building future resilience. It concludes by providing recommendations for executing value-based restructuring plans, preparing for a digital, sustainable, and localised future, supported by innovative working practices.

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