Automated Risk Insights

Streamlined credit risk analysis

A PwC Netherland Product

At many banks and other institutions concerned with credit, the financial performance of companies is analyzed manually. This results in a time-consuming and error-prone assessment leading to inefficient credit risk management. Consequently, employees spend too much time reviewing data and not leveraging insights enough.


Assess financial performance in no time

This problem is solved by PwC's tool Automated Risk Insights, which enables you to save time and gather observations more frequently and thus, create new opportunities. In addition, it increases the quality of your credit risk identification, measurement, management, and reporting through the use of state-of-the-art statistical models. Automated Risk Insights ensures consistency by supporting every analysis with the same metrics. 

The Workflow

  • Select any company in the tool's database of 300 million companies and identify a number of peers for benchmarking
  • Choose the available or add custom models to analyze the data.
  • Take a closer look: Drill down to the deepest level of the underlying data and identify potential risks and opportunities
  • Make your final decision based on the data-driven insights provided
  • Explore scenarios for the companies' future and analyze sensitivities to macroeconomics and company-specific events

Key Benefits


State-of-the-art statistical models allow rolling forward financials up to 3 years and analyzing the risks present. The use of trusted risk scores (e.g. Altman) and validated PwC models ensure high quality and consistency of data

dvrVisualization of data

The tool visualizes key performance and risk metrics to promote effectiveness along with providing details up to the individual line item

assessmentIncreased frequency of insights

With an automated process to generate the risk insights, analysis saves time!. The decreased effort enables you to gather insights into the risks present more frequently, thereby allowing you to identify previously unknown risks

data_usageIdentify opportunities

The tool enables you to spot companies that might be in need of different products, creating commercial opportunities. It opens up avenues to cross-sell to current clients based on the more extensive insight into their financial situation

Indicative Commercial Model

Rates will be tailored as per local territory.
Implementation fee unless specified would be additional.
Any customization to the standard offering will be charged on a case by case basis.
  • One time set up cost
  • Hosting charges: Based on the volume
  • Annual maintenance charge: Based on the number of users

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