Navigate E-Invoicing Solution

An end-to-end framework for managing E-invoicing compliances

A PwC India Product

Businesses with turnover exceeding 500 Mn are required to upload the details of every B2B transaction on Invoice Registration Portal (IRP) for generation of Invoice Reference Number (IRN) and Quick Reference (QR) code which needs to be incorporated in the invoice issued to the customer. Additionally, businesses with turnover exceeding 5Bn are required to generate dynamic QR code on B2C transactions.

Navigate E-Invoicing provides a complete end-to-end framework for managing E-invoicing compliance for B2B transactions and dynamic QR code generation for B2C transactions. It integrates with existing ERPs/ source systems ensuring a seamless and smooth transition with minimum changes to current processes.

The tool also integrates with other PwC Navigate Tax solutions and has several additional in-built validations to ensure that potential errors are flagged off in advance and return filings are accurate.

Key Features

descriptionAuto-exclusion of documents not required for IRN

Solution allows users to upload to all documents (both liable/ not liable for IRN) & automatically excludes documents not liable for IRN generation (e.g B2C invoices, financial debit/credit notes)

doneConfigurable data validation checks

Solution provides a comprehensive list of validation checks which are fully configurable. Users can switch on/off any validation check as per business requirement

settingsAuto-generation of IRN

In case of transactions without any validation errors, the solution can automatically push the data to IRP for generation of IRN without requiring any front-end intervention

cancelCancellation of IRN

IRN can be cancelled within 24 hours of IRN generation as per statutory guidelines. An option to trigger IRN cancellation within the statutory time limit is available in solution

computerReverse integration with ERPs/ source systems

Option of reverse integration of IRN and QR code details with ERPs/ source systems is available in solution via APIs as well as file based integration

cloudSAP cockpit

A cockpit can be deployed to manage E-invoicing compliance within SAP

codeDynamic QR code generation for B2C transactions

Option is available to push B2C documents to generate dynamic QR code

buildIntegration with other tax tech solutions

Solution is integrated with other tax tech solutions like E-way bill and GST return compliance solution. So, data pushed for e-invoice generation can be leveraged for e-way bill and GST compliances

Key Benefits

devicesSeamless integration with ERPs/source systems

Multiple options of data ingestion are available to enable seamless data flow between client’s ERPs/source systems & solution. Options of data integration are :-

  • API based integration for real time data flow
  • Flat file based integration for scheduled data flow
  • Manual file upload from solution
trending_upQuick to deploy, scalable

Solution can be quickly deployed and is scalable to ensure IRN generation of voluminous transactions

verified_userData accuracy and real time monitoring

Solution provides 100 + validation checks in order to ensure data accuracy. Errors are on a real time basis and on error identification, the document is not sent for IRN generation

groupsUser intuitive and cost effective

Why Navigate E-invoicing?



  • ERP/billing system agnostic
  • Deployment on leading cloud platform and on premise
  • Multiple integration models – flat file, API and manual


  • E-invoice: Leading real-time solution - 15% of PAN India IRN generated, Over 170 million IRNs generated, 5700 GSTINs, 1400 companies
  • Leading tax-technology solution provider across sectors
  • Transformation: Extraction/transformation experience : Over 4 Bn transactions processed

Tax Support

  • Large pool of tax professionals
  • Need-based support/updates on application

Illustrative Dashboard







Indicative Commercial Model

Rates will be tailored as per local territory.
Implementation fee unless specified would be additional.
Any customization to the standard offering will be charged on a case by case basis.
Upon requestOne time Deployment Fee and Annual licensing Fee
  • Priced based on number of GSTINs, IRNs, and users
  • Deployed on Saas and Premise

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